Jeep Liberty Drives Wireless Advertising With AvantGo Service

The Jeep Brand Launches a Two-Month Customer Acquisition Campaign on Mobile Devices

AvantGo, Inc., (Nasdaq:AVGO), the leading provider of mobile infrastructure software and services, today announced that the Jeep(R) brand, a division of DaimlerChrysler Corporation, will be conducting a two-month wireless advertising campaign for the all-new Jeep Liberty on the AvantGo mobile Internet service. The new customer acquisition and brand awareness campaign kicks off today.

By advertising on the AvantGo service, the Jeep brand is taking advantage of a targeted demographic, uncluttered advertising environment and click-through rates of up to five times higher than traditional Web-based banner advertising. The Jeep brand will be collecting information and an e-mail address from potential new customers in the form of a mobile device questionnaire.

"Wireless is an increasingly important part of any digital marketing strategy. This is especially true in the case of our all-new Jeep Liberty," said Diane Jackson, Jeep Brand, Marketing Communications. "AvantGo has helped make wireless advertising an attractive and easy way to build brand awareness and reach the younger, more technologically savvy Jeep Liberty buyer. This is the first wireless advertising campaign for the Jeep brand, and we believe that it strongly supports our traditional advertising initiatives by placing our message in front of our target in a new way."

Jeep's commitment to a mobile campaign marks a growing number of companies advertising on the AvantGo mobile Internet service, which delivers interactive content and applications to the largest smartdevice user base in the world. For companies interested in mobile marketing, the AvantGo service provides a proven means to reach a targeted demographic of young, affluent tech-savvy professionals and an easy way to extend information to a variety of platforms, including Palm OS and Pocket PC-based handheld devices, as well as smartphones. The AvantGo service can be used to accomplish a variety of marketing objectives, including advertising, direct marketing and customer relationship management. Recently announced wireless marketing enhancements include interest and geographic targeting, channel usage tracking and reporting and new mobile banner ad formats.

"Mobile devices offer companies the perfect platform to build and deepen customer relationships because the marketer can become integrated into a device that is an important part of peoples' everyday lives," said Mike Aufricht, general manager of AvantGo Mobile Marketing and Commerce, a division of AvantGo, Inc. "By advertising on the AvantGo service, Jeep has the ability to connect with millions of mobile customers who may be looking at purchasing or leasing a new car, and can effectively continue the dialogue through e-mail or in the showroom. The Jeep brand campaign is one of the many examples of how companies can break from every-day media and tap into the benefits of wireless advertising."

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