Magticom Completes First GPRS Call in Georgia Using Motorola, Cisco End-to-End Solutions

Magticom announced today it has successfully completed the first General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) call within its wireless network in the Republic of Georgia using Motorola's end-to-end solution. Magticom plans to make the Motorola/Cisco end-to-end GPRS commercial services available on a limited basis initially, with full commercial deployment in the near future.

Motorola, (NYSE: MOT) through its alliance with Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO), is the leading worldwide supplier of complete end- to-end GPRS commercial network solutions. Magticom, which has more than 140,000 mobile subscribers and is a leader in coverage and latest technology implementation, is the first operator in Caucasus region to introduce GPRS technology.

"GPRS technology is the latest development in the world's communication industry. We are the first operator in Caucasus to offer GPRS based services," said Gia Jokhtaberidze, Magticom's founder. "With GPRS, users will be able to connect to the Internet in an online mode with data transmission rates of up to 115 kilobits? per second. These data speeds significantly exceed current 9.6 Kbps mobile rates and also are faster than data speeds over fixed line networks. In addition, GPRS encourages the development of value added services such as, e-commerce, m- commerce and m-banking," said Jokhtaberidze.

"Magticom has been taking deliberate migration steps toward next generation network technology. As Motorola's valued customer, Magticom is among only a few operators in post Soviet countries announcing complete GPRS solutions," said Michael Leahy, Motorola Telecom Carrier Solutions Group account manager for Eastern Europe. "Motorola is pleased to provide the infrastructure, applications, services and system solutions needed to support Magticom customers' growing demands," said Leahy.

Motorola's Timeport(TM) 260 wireless phone offers consumers a constant link to the mobile Internet for smarter, faster and more affordable information. The phone's tri-band feature gives users a one-world phone option. Additionally, the phone features voice activation, modem to access Intranet/Internet, allows users to switch between data mode and voice calls and synchronizes data between phone, PC, PDA and other devices with Starfish TrueSync(R) software. Motorola's Timeport 260 phone is the first commercially available tri-band, GPRS phone in the wireless industry.

The Motorola GPRS solution can be implemented over an existing GSM network, enabling operators to use their existing infrastructure. Motorola's GSM infrastructure is GPRS-ready, requiring only a software load and central procession unit addition, with no modifications to existing hardware. Together, Motorola and Cisco are driving market growth by developing applications and value- added services to provide operators with innovative and competitive offerings for their subscriber base.

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