Motorola and ALLTEL Deliver Powerful Business Communications Tool in New Timeport 270c Wireless Phone

Award-Winning Motorola Timeport(TM) 270c Phone Takes Mobile Business Communications to New Level With a 360-Degree Speakerphone, PIM Functionality and Bluetooth(TM) Wireless Technology

Responding to the advancing mobile communications needs of business consumers, Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announced the commercial availability of its Timeport(TM) 270c phone through ALLTEL (NYSE:AT).

With a 360-degree speakerphone, voice recognition/dialing, PIM functionality and Bluetooth(TM) capabilities, the Timeport 270c puts a whole new wireless world of mobile business communications in the hands of the business user.

ALLTEL is the first wireless communications provider to offer the much-anticipated Timeport 270c handset, which received the CES Innovations 2001 Design and Engineering Showcase Best of Show Honors. The new Motorola handset is the first Bluetooth-capable device to be offered by ALLTEL and is available in select ALLTEL markets.

Bluetooth accessories for the Timeport 270c phone are currently available at and are expected to be available at ALLTEL stores in the fourth quarter of this year.

"With superior engineering and integration of cutting-edge features, the Motorola Timeport 270c puts the latest technologies to work for one of the most demanding consumer segments -- the business user," said Ron Garriques, corporate vice president and general manager within Motorola's Personal Communications Sector.

"Whether using the phone as a portable modem, fax-enabling device or for personal area networking, consumers can expect to see the wires that bind them today literally disappear."

"With the delivery of the Motorola Timeport 270c, we are taking our business consumers to the next level of wireless communications," said Philip E. Junker, executive vice president of marketing for ALLTEL.

"With a built-in speakerphone and full-featured business functions, this device delivers ALLTEL's promise of wireless communications -- providing consumers with a real opportunity to rid themselves of wired connectivity for mobile communications."

About the Timeport 270c

The Timeport 270c Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) phone combines specially designed features for the business consumer with Motorola's completely redesigned user interface (UI), developed specifically to maximize the advantages of both the new and standard offerings.

The new UI combines extensive consumer testing and research with best-in-class engineering, providing easy navigation and usability of the phone through enhanced visual clues and list-based menus. -- Integrated Two-Way Hands-Free Speakerphone With an integrated two-way hands-free speakerphone, the Timeport 270c frees consumers from their office and gives them the flexibility to hold conference calls from a variety of locations. New Motorola patented technology has increased the audio output of the Timeport 270c, providing the speakerphone with a rich, full, robust sound and crystal-clear communication, comparable with a landline speakerphone. -- Voice Recognition Dialing and Menu Shortcuts The Timeport 270c's voice-activated dialing and function control allows users to save time by utilizing programmable voice commands to dial the matched number or activate the menu shortcut. -- Integrated Personal Information Management (PIM) Functionality This feature allows users to recall up to 400 numbers from the phone book and access the multiview calendar for schedule updates. Alarm alerts also remind users about upcoming engagements. -- Bluetooth Smart Module The Motorola Timeport 270c is Motorola's first Bluetooth- capable phone which, when combined with the optional Bluetooth Connectivity Kit (Bluetooth Smart Module accessory, Bluetooth PC card and Bluetooth neighborhood software), completes the premier package of initial Bluetooth technology solutions. (Bluetooth Connectivity Kits for the Timeport 270c phone are currently available at and are expected to be available at ALLTEL stores in the fourth quarter of this year.) Motorola's threefold Bluetooth offering provides consumers with the ability to use the phone as a wireless modem and connect to the Internet using a PC; automatically synchronize calendar and contact information between a PC and the phone; and share information between up to seven other Bluetooth devices -- all wirelessly. With the optional Bluetooth Connectivity Kit, Motorola is providing consumers with the choice of how and when they choose to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into their lives. -- 4-Way Navigation "Joystick" The Timeport 270c's unique 4-Way Navigation Key with "joystick" functionality is the first of its kind on a Motorola wireless phone and allows users to journey through the feature-rich phone with ease. The navigation key allows you to explore the phone's comprehensive menus and execute text editing, number editing, phonebook application and calendar updating with ease. These features are combined with a large graphical display, allowing users to easily view up to six lines of text and experience enhanced presentation of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Internet content and Short Message Service (SMS); voice note voice recorder, iTAP(TM) predictive text entry, Starfish TrueSync(R) software and 32 alert tones. To enhance usage of the Timeport 270c and all Bluetooth-capable handsets, Motorola is expected to begin shipping its first Bluetooth wireless headset in the fourth quarter of this year. The device is smaller than two inches in diameter, weighs less than an ounce, features up to four hours talk and one week standby time, operates within a 30-foot range, and will enable consumers to cut the cord from the headset that binds them today.

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