Motorola Expands Its FRS Offering With Two New Series -- the Talkabout T5000 Series and the Talkabout T6200 Series

Motorola Quality At An Affordable Price Gives Families On the Go the Ultimate Communications Solution

Offering consumers more affordable two-way radio options with the ever-popular Talkabout(R) line, Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announced two additions to its FRS family: the Motorola Talkabout(R) T5000 and T6200 series. The mid-tier, feature-rich T6200 series, and the entry-level T5000 series complement Motorola's premiere T6300 series to provide a full spectrum of FRS solutions that fulfill a broad range of consumer needs. Weather- resistant and ergonomically designed, all radios in these series deliver rugged Motorola quality and clear communications for use during a host of outdoor activities without the expense of monthly carrier or airtime usage fees.

"The new Talkabout(R) T5000 and T6200 series of two-way radios continues to demonstrate Motorola's commitment to listening to its consumers, and responding with quality solutions to meet their needs," said Frank Myers, vice president and general manager of Motorola's Consumer Products Division. "Two-way radio users, particularly active families, have made their priorities clear regarding convenience and price. With the addition of these two new series, Motorola now offers a full range of quality FRS communication solutions for a host of outdoor activities."

Talkabout(R) T5000 Series

Perfect for novice radio users who want to stay connected with family and friends, the Motorola Talkabout T5100 and T5200 two-way radios make it easy and affordable to stay in touch. With a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $39.99 - $49.99 per radio, the Talkabout(R) T5000 series two-way radios are designed for those looking for a durable two-way radio with basic privacy features.

For the modern way to say "Roger," users will enjoy the audible call tone to signal others' attention when they are done talking, which prevents missing out on crucial information. With an illuminated display, the screen is easy to read day or night. Unlike some two-way radios with only three channels, the Talkabout(R) T5000 series two-way radios offer a set of 14 channels. Too help further enhance privacy, the T5200 model adds in 38 subcodes, which help minimize interference by providing the user with multiple communication code combinations. A keypad lock feature lets users secure settings (like channel or code) so they aren't accidentally changed.

The T5100 is available in Midnight Blue and the T5200 is available in Rosewood All of the models in the Talkabout(R) T5000 use AA alkaline batteries.

Talkabout(R) T6200 Series

For those consumers seeking more sophisticated communications at an affordable price, the Talkabout T6200 series offers a mid-tier two-way radio solution. With 14 channels and 38 codes, the T6200 series of two-way radios offers 532 ways to find a clear signal. The radios also help prevent users from hearing unwanted transmissions from other radios with its QuieT6000(TM) feature that helps minimize unwanted call tones and chatter through an exclusive noise filter. Another feature is the "Roger" beep that signals when you're done speaking so all information can be conveyed without missing a word.

The Talkabout(R) T6220 has all the features of the T6200 with a few additions. The VibraCall(R) alert lets users know there's an incoming call in noisy environments. This vibrating signal also comes in handy in quiet situations such as hunting or fishing. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio broadcasts and an audible weather alert feature can alert users of weather changes in NOAA service areas. Offering an additional level of privacy, the T6220 also has Eavesdrop Reducer codes that scramble your voice to anyone listening without that same code.

The Talkabout(R) T6220 is available with a rechargeable Nickel- Metal Hydride battery. A desktop and wall-mountable charging station, similar to a cordless phone charger, ships standard with rechargeable models. All models in the T6200 series can be used with AA alkaline batteries.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Motorola Talkabout(R) T6200 series ranges from $75.99 - $119.99 per radio. The Talkabout (R) T6200 series is offered in brilliant colors like Nordic Blue and Ever Green. Additionally, a complete line of Motorola audio, power and carry accessories (including an earpiece with boom microphone, belt/bike case, arm pack, and vehicle power adapter) is available to further enhance users' activities. A cost benefit to consumers, the two-way radios do not require a licensing or servicing fee in the United States due to the Family Radio Service (FRS), a band of radio frequencies set aside by the Federal Communications Commission specifically for family and recreational use. Additional information regarding the Talkabout(R) T5000 and T6200 series is available online at

Motorola has consistently led the two-way radio field by developing the first walkie-talkies used by the U.S. Army in the 1940s, providing Motorola radios for use on the Lunar Rover in the 1970s and by developing the first product to use FRS, which set the standard for the consumer two-way radio market.

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