Motorola Ships One Millionth Talkabout T900 2-Way Text Messaging Device

Popularity of Motorola Device Signals Strength of Two-Way Messaging Market

Motorola (NYSE:MOT) today announced the shipment of the one millionth Talkabout(R) T900 2-Way text messaging device, less than a year following its introduction.

The compact and colorful Talkabout T900 was the first member of Motorola's expansive two-way messaging product assortment designed specifically for consumers and is leading the unprecedented growth of the two-way messaging industry in the U.S.

"We aren't surprised at the success of the Talkabout T900 and have believed two-way messaging would be a hot solution for consumers ever since we developed the world's first two-way text messaging device in 1995," said Miguel Pellon, vice president and general manager of the Wireless Messaging Division, Motorola. "Today we continue to shape the future of two-way messaging with groundbreaking technology and innovative messaging products to suit the lifestyles of all consumers, from the trend-wise V.Series Personal Communicator Model 100 to the business-minded Accompli 009."

The Talkabout T900, which operates on Motorola's superior ReFLEX(R) protocol, allows users to exchange messages with any e- mail address - whether it's from another 2-way device, other mobile device or a PC. With its four-line, 80-character QWERTY keyboard and illuminated display, the Talkabout T900 makes it easy to both send and read messages. In addition, the Talkabout T900's "Info-on-Demand" feature enables users to request and receive customized information from the Internet including movie show times, headline news, the latest weather forecast and stock quotes. And, a built-in address book stores the contact information of 250 friends, family and coworkers - all this in a package weighing less than four ounces and about the size of a large pack of gum. The Talkabout T900 retails for as low as $99 with carrier rebate.

Now Access Desktop E-mail, Instant Message (IM) and More

New developments for the Talkabout T900 now make it possible for users to manage their personal and desktop e-mail accounts, access their Hotmail, MSN or EarthLink e-mail accounts, and send and receive Instant Messages (IMs) - all from the Talkabout T900.

Motorola recently introduced Motorola MyMail for the Talkabout T900 to improve e-mail management for both personal and business accounts. Motorola MyMail makes it possible to read, reply to and delete messages received to personal and desktop e-mail accounts wirelessly with the Talkabout T900. Additionally, this solution will insert the personal or enterprise address into the "from" field of messages initiated from the wireless device - creating a truly seamless e-mail connection.

Motorola and MSN have joined forces to offer two wireless, on-the- go e-mail services. The first is a wireless e-mail package that allows users to respond to, forward and initiate Hotmail messages from their Talkabout T900. The second is an IM device that allows Hotmail users to "instant message" their Hotmail IM contacts with their Talkabout T900.

Additionally, EarthLink subscribers can now send and receive EarthLink e-mail messages from Talkabout T900s purchased on the EarthLink Web site. EarthLink subscribers can direct their existing EarthLink e-mail accounts to be delivered to their Talkabout T900, where they can reply to, forward, delete and store e-mails.

A Family of Products for Every Person in the Family

Beginning with basic two-way messaging with the Talkabout T900, Motorola recognizes consumers and business people have a variety of communication needs and offers an extensive portfolio of two- way messaging products to fill those needs.

The Timeport(TM) Personal Communicator Model P935 is the ultimate tool for the fast-paced businessperson. The Timeport P935 combines two-way text messaging communications with an address book, appointment organizer and remote business office. Send and receive e-mail, exchange messages with other two-way personal communicators, send group messages, access server-based information and beam contacts and appointments to other devices - all from one compact unit. Motorola MyMail is also available for the Timeport P935, allowing users an on-the-go wireless connection to friends, family, colleagues and business associates. The Timeport P935 has a manufacturers' suggested retail price of $399.

For the fashion-conscious consumer who needs an all-in-one and feature-packed product that will keep them connected, Motorola recently introduced the V.Series Personal Communicator Model 100 that allows consumers to select the way they connect - whether it's through a phone call, a discreet SMS message or an e-mail. The V.Series V100 features a full QWERTY keyboard and oversize display for fast and easy text messaging, plus a full-featured wireless phone. The V.Series V100 is currently available through VoiceStream for $199.

For the globetrotting businessperson, the ultimate multi-tasking tool is the AccompliTM Personal Communicator Model 009, which provides constant accessibility to colleagues, clients and customers via wireless email, SMS or phone functionality. The Accompli 009 is the first wireless communications device to incorporate both tri-band GSM and GPRS protocols, phone functionality, Internet access, e-mail and short message service (SMS) with a full QWERTY keyboard and 256-color screen. The Accompli 009 is scheduled to debut this August.

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