Novatel Wireless Launches Minstrel m500 for Palm m500 Series Handhelds

Novatel Wireless Announces the First Commercial Shipment of Minstrel m500(TM) CDPD Wireless Handheld Modems

Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq:NVTL), a provider of wireless data access solutions, today announced that it began first commercial shipments of the Minstrel m500(TM) CDPD Wireless Handheld Modem for Palm(TM) m500 series handhelds. With the appropriate software and an ISP account, the Minstrel m500 allows connectivity to the Internet, e-mail and corporate databases. The unit will connect to Palm m500 series handhelds via the Palm Universal Connector, coupling them together for a secure and integrated fit.

With an MSRP of $369.00, the Minstrel m500 features easy access to the Palm expansion card slot. Pass-through charging and a rechargeable lithium ion battery mean that both the Palm handheld and the Minstrel can be charged simultaneously with only one charger. A unique power button enables immediate network access and allows the user to easily power on and off the modem with a simple push of the button. Certified with the "Designed for Palm Handhelds" logo, the Minstrel m500 supports popular enterprise productivity and synchronization programs written for the Palm OS(R) platform, and is compatible with Palm's Mobile Connectivity Software, including web-clipping applications. The Minstrel m500 supports both POP3 and IMAP 4 e-mail and HTML web browsing software.

"We congratulate Novatel Wireless on the release of this exciting new Minstrel wireless modem," said Paul Leeper, director, market development, at Palm, Inc. "With the combined power of the Palm m500 series handhelds and the Minstrel modem, customers will have remote access via their ISP account to their corporate e-mail, Palm web clipping applications and rich content. We are extremely happy about the role Novatel Wireless has played in supporting the new Palm m500 series handhelds."

"Novatel Wireless continues to lead in wireless connectivity solutions for handheld devices," said John Major, CEO of Novatel Wireless. "We've incorporated subtle but important design details resulting from customer feedback. The new Minstrel m500 is the ideal choice for professionals who require mobility, high availability and reliability."

Equipped with a TCP/IP stack for custom applications, the Minstrel m500 employs the Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) network. CDPD is a method of transmitting data over the cellular voice network at speeds up to 19.2 kbps and is deployed in most U.S. metropolitan areas and in some international markets. Most CDPD service providers offer a fixed monthly rate for unlimited data access with fees ranging from $25-65 per month. CDPD is currently the fastest wide-area wireless network available nationally. The Minstrel m500 is available for order today directly from Novatel Wireless, Ingram Micro, Tech Data, or Global Wireless.

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