Openwave and Symbian Join SyncML Initiative as Sponsors to Further Boost Universal Data Synchronization

SyncML Initiative Establishes New Membership Opportunities as It Transforms Into Incorporated Non-Profit Entity

Openwave and Symbian have joined the SyncML Initiative. As sponsoring members, they join the core group of Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Matsushita Communication, Motorola, Nokia and Starfish Software in the work of promoting and developing a common protocol for synchronizing all devices and applications over any network. Concurrently, the SyncML Initiative has created a new membership level, Promoter, as the organization transitions to an incorporated non-profit entity, SyncML Initiative, Ltd, in order to better respond to the needs of the growing data synchronization community. The new organization will offer participating companies even more opportunities to directly participate in the future development of universal data synchronization and device management.

"We are very encouraged that more and more companies and industry groups are recognizing SyncML as the standard protocol of choice for mobile data synchronization. The technology, and its broad industry acceptance, has tremendous potential to enhance the mobile experience, deliver value to the consumer, and enable new business applications," said Doug Heintzman, chairman of the SyncML Initiative. "As the first SyncML based products hit the market, as we are refining and functionally enhancing the specification and as we are taking on important new missions such as device management/continuous provisioning, contributions by companies like Openwave and Symbian will be invaluable."

"Openwave and Symbian's decision to join the SyncML Initiative as sponsors demonstrates the organization's growth path towards wide market adoption," said Kevin Burden, analyst for handheld devices at IDC. "By forming an incorporated non-profit entity, SyncML raises the international awareness for synchronization and gives supporting companies more leadership opportunities to influence the future development, deployment and adoption of data synchronization."

"As a sponsor of the SyncML initiative and a strong proponent of open standards, Openwave supports the development of SyncML applications to expand the universal synchronization capabilities of mobile devices," said Andrew Wyatt, Vice President, Synchronization Products Group, Openwave Systems, Inc. "For the user, SyncML means consistent, convenient and reliable access to personal data, regardless of device or application. To this end, Openwave aims to drive universal adoption and integration of the SyncML specification to address the individual needs of its carrier customers and the wireless device manufacturers that supply them. Openwave has strongly supported the SyncML Initiative since its inception and is proud to be a part of this evolution."

"Symbian was set up by leaders in the wireless industry to promote the rapid development of a mass market for smartphones by developing and licensing an advanced, standard, open operating system. We see SyncML as one of the core standard technologies to be delivered by Symbian as it enables simple and effective synchronization with multiple devices, through networks, to corporate servers," said Mark Wilce, VP Product Management, Symbian. "As a sponsor, Symbian will endeavor to deliver the best possible SyncML client in its mobile operating system, and work closely with the other board members to accurately guide the SyncML strategy and technology roadmap."

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