Pencel Announces Free Run-Time Solutions Aimed at Reducing IT Expenditures on Wireless Computing by Mobile Workers

Companies now have free distribution of Kinectivity solutions to mobile workers

Pencel Corporation today announces that companies are now able to freely distribute mobile applications created with Kinectivity Studio, a visual workshop for developing mobile applications, with no per-user license fees.

Pencel is also providing the right for Kinectivity Studio customers to deploy Kinectivity Personal Server, a mobile data application platform providing direct integration with back-end data sources on a local computer, across the enterprise at no charge.

By providing companies with the ability to freely distribute mobile data-driven applications created with Kinectivity Studio, Pencel is significantly reducing the costs associated with a widespread deployment of mobile applications and making a full-scale deployment of handheld computers an affordable reality. Further, since Kinectivity applications are created in an easy-to-use visual workshop with no programming required, companies are able to quickly and easily create applications that enable workers to access corporate data from the field.

The Kinectivity platform consists of an integrated data and synchronization engine that connects mobile devices directly to back-end data sources. The configurable component approach of Kinectivity Studio allows application designers to achieve rapid productivity for mobile workers without writing code.

"With the ability to freely distribute solutions on a complete mobile data application platform, enterprises and third party application developers can more economically provide mobile solutions that synchronize directly with local data sources," says Chris Maloney, Pencel Corporation's president and CEO. "Accessing critical data via handheld devices is becoming increasingly important for enterprise mobility. Our aim is to provide companies with a powerful, yet affordable solution."

For companies requiring central synchronization or remote access through wireless and Internet connections, Pencel offers an upgrade to Kinectivity Enterprise Server. Upgrading to Kinectivity Enterprise Server requires no changes to the Kinectivity applications created in Kinectivity Studio, and companies will immediately have centralized synchronization of multiple users as well as remote access through wireless LANs, nationwide wireless networks and Internet connections. The data and synchronization engines that power centralized, enterprise-wide mobile solutions are still available with Kinectivity Personal Server, but are simply limited to integration with local data sources.

To assist users in distributing Kinectivity applications, Pencel has developed a new Kinectivity Distribution Assistant, a utility used to create installation files for applications created in Kinectivity Studio.

"We believe that enterprises and third party developers need a platform that allows them to easily create and distribute data-driven mobile applications that integrate directly with targeted desktop applications or databases," says Maloney. "The combination of free runtimes for applications created in Kinectivity Studio, free distribution of Kinectivity Personal Server and Kinectivity Distribution Assistant provides that platform."

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