Perle Enables Levy Home Entertainment to Connect Over Wireless IP

Perle'sility, Adding Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Capabilities

Perle Systems (NASDAQ:PERL)(TSE:PL.), a leading provider of networking products for IP and e-business access, is pleased to announce that U.S. book wholesaler Levy Home Entertainment (LHE) has chosen the Perle 594e network controller to link its new warehouse facilities and main office as part of its IBM SNA network transition to accommodate rapidly growing warehousing needs.

The 594e Network Controller will transmit data from and to the return center warehouse and its main facility, over a wireless communication link.

"We chose to partner with Perle because we need a solution that won't require us to make wholesale changes in our technology, while enabling us to handle remote monitoring and maintenance," says John Semenek, LHE's Manager of Strategic Technologies. "Perle's solution offers ease of use and functionality, right out of the box."

He adds that with the 594e Network Controller, Levy can easily and cost-effectively facilitate remote communications from its main facility over a Wi-Fi wireless 802.11B communication link, thus eliminating the need for technical staff to move back and forth between the two sites to monitor and maintain the devices on the network. "We can substantially cut down our backlogs, reduce workloads and improve cash flow. Without remote monitoring and maintenance, LHE would have to station additional technical resources at the return center."

He explains that as the second largest book wholesaler in the U.S., LHE ships hundreds of millions of books to more than 10,000 locations across the United States, handles tens of millions of returns per year and receives two to three trailers a day, posing significant logistics issues. "Physical handling is very complex, but accuracy is absolutely essential to ensure proper credits and charges to the various stores and publishers. Remote monitoring and maintenance can substantially help in this area."

"The key to ensuring successful transitions to IP for our customers is to minimize downtime, improve functionality and realize productivity benefits immediately," says Jeff Pack, President of Perle Systems, Inc. "Our products are specifically designed to do just that."


Perle's 594T and 594e Network Controllers provide users with a cost-efficient solution to assist in migration from SNA to IP networks. The 594T is the best choice for users requiring support of up to 8 Twinax-devices as well as IP desktops at remote sites. This integrated platform allows users to extend LAN resources over an IP backbone to smaller remote sites that are currently connected using IBM 5394 or Perle 394 controllers. The 594e supports 28 to 168 Twinax devices, multiple IP desktops (LAN or Twinax attached) and dial-in users. The 594 Virtual Private Networking (VPN) capabilities (based on IP-Sec) provide a low-cost solution for secure networking across the Internet.

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