Pocket Technologies, Inc. Revolutionizes Development of Palm OS Applications With PocketStudio

Pocket Technologies, Inc., the creators of powerful easy-to-use development tools for embedded and handheld devices, announces PocketStudio(TM) v1.0, a new development tool for the Palm OS(R) to be unveiled at the annual Borland(R) Developer's Conference July 21 - 25, 2001, in Long Beach, Calif.

Pascal-based PocketStudio(TM) allows developers to utilize the skills they already possess to create applications for handheld devices more quickly and easily. This product revolutionizes application development for handheld devices by providing developers new levels of ease, speed, and power.

PocketStudio(TM)v1.0 features:

-- State-of-the-art, 32-bit compiler with an easy-to-use and full-featured integrated development environment.

-- Delphi(TM)-like language based on Pascal.

-- Easy migration from Visual Basic, C/C++, Java, Access, Delphi and other rapid application development environments.

-- Complete access to Palm OS API for advanced developers.

-- Fully integrated editor with easy-to-understand messages, templates, database wizard, syntax highlighting, and other features.

-- Fully integrated debugger.

-- SnapIn technology for third-party developers to add features for code generation and code repository.

-- PXL(TM) (PocketStudio(TM) Extended Library) collection of compiled source code components that plug directly into PocketStudio(TM) IDE.

-- Integrated POSE support from the IDE for easy testing and debugging.

"When we first began experimenting with application development for the PalmOS, we found the available tools either easy to use and slow, or very powerful but too complex, so at Pocket Technologies we set out to change that by creating a quicker, more productive development environment," says Pocket Technologies President Douglas Olson. "With PocketStudio(TM), we've combined the power equal to C/C++ with the ease-of-use of Delphi to make development for the PalmOS simpler and more powerful than most developers ever thought possible. Beta test feedback has been extremely positive, so we are looking forward to unveiling our product at the Borland Conference."

Lee Behrens of Boolion Development Corporation, who has tested PocketStudio(TM) claims, "Even an alpha version of PocketStudio beats the pants off the other options available."

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