Red-M Boosts Productivity At Flextronics

World Leading Electronic Manufacturer Installs Red-M Bluetooth Network

Red-M(TM), a leading supplier of advanced Bluetooth(TM) networking product solutions, has implemented a Bluetooth network for Flextronics, one of the world's largest Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies. The Bluetooth network has been initially deployed at Flextronics' principal manufacturing facility in Cork, Ireland, and integrates with the company's ManMan ERP.

Flextronics is a contract manufacturer that designs and produces computers, cell phones, networking devices and other electronic products for major clients. A global company with design, engineering and manufacturing operations in 27 countries across four continents, Flextronics is the world's second largest EMS company. As well as being Red-M's first customer in Ireland, the network is believed to be the first Bluetooth installation in any EMS worldwide.

Simon Gawne, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Red-M explains, "Imagine visiting a key supplier who has access to all your latest customer information without being tied to a distant desktop terminal in a far-flung building. As you stroll through the foyer to the customer conference rooms, their laptop or personal digital assistant (PDA) can gain wireless access to your customer records, orders, purchasing and shipments, allowing them to work smarter, work faster and with up to date information. As a visitor you would also have access to your own email, corporate Intranet, and Internet content, boosting your productivity while you're away from the office."

Jim Rowan Vice President Flextronics comments, "Red-M has demonstrated a clear lead in the Bluetooth market. This network allows us to respond to customer queries immediately by instantly accessing the most up to date information, resulting in a more efficient service to our clients. We are now able to offer our customers wireless Internet and Intranet access whilst at our offices, thereby increasing productivity for visitors.

The Bluetooth network is based on Red-M's award winning 3000AS access server and 1000AP access points, allowing reliable and secure mobile access from Bluetooth-enabled devices, including personal digital assistants (PDAs) laptops and wireless application protocol (WAP) phones. Initial roll-out of Red-M's Bluetooth Network will cover Flextronic's customer conference rooms with extended coverage into the company's reception and foyer at the companies facility in Cork, Ireland.

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