Secure wireless LAN connectivity for the office

Announcing the CN1050 Secure Wireless LAN Router from Colubris Networks

Colubris Networks Inc. a leading manufacturer of wireless LAN routers for small-to-medium sized businesses and public areas today announced the immediate availability of the CN1050 secure wireless LAN router across Europe.

Seen all the press, worried about wireless LAN security? Look no further, the CN1050 offers enterprise users the freedom of wireless and the security of Virtual Private Networking to roam the office and stay connected at all times. You can now deploy high-speed wireless LAN technology and not have to worry about the security of your network.

“Our architecture enables us to overcome the weaknesses in the WEP encryption. By supporting multiple VPN tunnels between the wireless clients and the access point functions, we are able to provide superior levels of security than that of our competitors”, said Ian Brooker, Managing Director of Colubris Networks Ltd. “In addition, our built-in Firewall and RADIUS authentication ensures the integrity of users connecting to the LAN”.

“With the recent press activity challenging the security of the IEEE 802.11b WEP encryption, I am pleased to see Colubris Networks addressing these security issues with industry standards-based technology”, said Gemma Paulo, Industry Analyst, Networking at Cahners In-Stat Group. “Their architecture enables them to rapidly develop and deploy new feature sets that overcome some of the challenges facing the mass adoption of wireless LANs”.

Colubris Networks will be demonstrating the CN1050 wireless LAN router at Networks Telecom (Booth # 19L136) in Birmingham, UK from June 26th-28th 2001.

Integrated VPN security

Featuring the Wi-Fi™ wireless standard the CN1050 offers secure, interference-free communications between servers, notebook PCs and handheld mobile devices by the use of VPN technology. The CN1050 supports VPN tunnels between the client devices and the wireless access point functions.  Thus ensuring your data is protected from unwanted intrusions on the network.

 Each user session is handled either by the built-in VPN Server, a corporate VPN server or the integrated RADIUS support, thus ensuring all users connecting to the network are authenticated prior to gaining access to any network resource. 

Performance is assured with the support of hardware-accelerated encryption technology that maximizes throughput and performance when a large number of VPN clients are active.

Additional security with the built-in Firewall

The CN1050 comes with an integrated Firewall to protect users from unwanted intrusions from the Internet. The Firewall is fully customizable with packet filtering based upon protocol, port and IP address.

CN1050 dual port Ethernet architecture

By virtue of the integrated dual-port Ethernet architecture, connections can be made to both the existing Ethernet LAN infrastructure (either via external hub or directly to the backbone network) and the Internet via a broadband connection using a high-speed DSL, Cable or broadband wireless modem.

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