Seiko Instruments and VoyaWare Partnership Brings to Market Microsoft Windows CE Based Mobile Management Solution for Direct Sales Professionals

Under a joint partnership agreement, Seiko Instruments USA Inc. Micro Printer Division and VoyaWare L.L.C, located in Dallas, have announced the launch of a complete mobile solution for sales professionals.

The new Direct Sales system offers an easy and convenient way for field sales professionals to manage their business at any location at any time, including entering orders, controlling inventories, maintaining customer profiles, and printing receipts and reports to minimize administrative work and maximize valuable sales time. For corporate customers with large sales forces, the system can be customized to meet specific requirements.

"Our alliance with VoyaWare allows integration of print capabilities, previously unavailable on current systems, into a truly mobile management solution for field sales use," said Bob Falco, director of marketing for Seiko Instruments Micro Printer Division.

The mobile solution consists of VoyaWare Direct Sales software designed for Microsoft(R) Windows-powered pocket PC platform based on Windows CE 3.0, the Seiko Instruments DPU-3445 thermal hand-held printer, and any pocket PC with 32 MB RAM. The new system addresses many of the time-consuming administrative tasks sales professionals face on a daily basis, such as manual completion of forms, lack of information, and time spent organizing their business.

Current solutions on the market are designed specifically for desktops, which restricts their use to an office location and furthers the need for continued manual work as well as carrying of paperwork. Additionally, these offerings have not included mobile printing in the field. With the VoyaWare Direct Sales system, virtually any administrative function can be performed at any location in the field.

"Our vision for the Direct Sales system was to offer a complete mobile management solution to the market," said Jeff Buschow, director of sales and business alliance relations for VoyaWare. "To accomplish that, we required a fast and affordable mobile printer to complement our software. The Seiko Instruments DPU-3445 thermal printer met our requirements and provides a convenient, compact solution. To our knowledge, the VoyaWare Direct Sales system is the first of its kind which offers not only the Windows(R) CE operating platform, but also wirelessprint capabilities."

In addition to entering orders, controlling inventories, and printing receipts and reports, the new solution allows users to create catalogs and customize product categories; keep track of business expenses; perform customer order management functions such as customizing tax rates plus easy product and payment type selections; and utilization of a pocket PC's integrated Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) Calendar and Scheduler to arrange customer contacts appointments and reminders.

The new Direct Sales system is being introduced simultaneously with a broad-based "VoyaWare Direct Sales Professional Party" version targeted to companies which base their sales on network marketing. The Professional Party system includes all the inherent features of the Direct Sales System and other features beneficial to successful network marketing, including the Party Wizard function which allows handling of group sales.

The Seiko Instruments DPU-3445 measures just 160 mm (W) x 89 mm (D) x 29.5 mm (H)(6.3-inch x 3.5-inch x 1.16-inch) and provides clear, easy-to-read printing on receipt paper just over 4 inches wide. The printer provides technology to support either IR or RF wireless communications. The printer provides accurate and instant hard copy data wherever and whenever needed. The lightweight, compact printer fits easily into a standard briefcase, or using an optional soft-sided case, can be carried on either shoulder or belt loop.

The complete mobile management solution including hardware and software is priced at $900. For more information, visit under the products section.

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