Semotus Deploys Field Service Automation System At Pepsi Cola

Application Design Associates, Auto Tech Link 3 Delivers ROI to the Enterprise by Enabling Service Employees to Increase Efficiencies Across the Board

Semotus Solutions (AMEX:DLK)(formerly, a market leading wireless application service provider (w-ASP) and

infrastructure architect, today announced that Auto Tech Link 3 handheld applications had been successfully deployed in Gross and Jarson Pepsi Cola's Portsmouth Division and Columbus/Zanesville Division.

Application Design Associates, a wholly owned subsidiary of Semotus Solutions, and a leading provider of equipment-centric tracking software for the beverage and vending industry, successfully completed the deployment of their AutoTech 3 handheld applications in G&J Portsmouth Division and Columbus/Zanesville Division.

"When all is said and done, more service calls per day can be answered now that we have implemented the Auto Tech handhelds," said Dale Tussey, G&J Portsmouth Division Service Manager. "We'll be saving countless time and paperwork ... this was simply a smart move on our part, and a good business decision."

Already a Vending Maintenance Management System (VMMS) user, Gross and Jarson has committed to complete the deployment of the AutoTech Link handheld product to their Zanesville, Ohio branch of their organization, bringing the Columbus Division's deployment to 100% of all Field Service Technicians.

"Our primary reason for implementing Auto Tech Link in Zanesville is to help keep our service techs on track," says John Kempf, G&J Columbus MEM. "They'll be spending a lot less time filling out paperwork, and customers will receive accurate, professional invoices. Even when we perform a service for a customer at no charge, we like to present them with an invoice that indicates the value of the service received. AutoTech Link's billing feature provides us with the capabilities to do this."

VMMS, ADA's flagship software product, tracks and manages the placement and management of all aspects of the life cycle of each piece of a company's equipment, with integrated modules such as customer call center, technician dispatching with integrated auto-paging and mobile field service applications, equipment placement and removal, repair tracking and multi-level spare parts inventory control. Widely used in the Beverage and Vending Industries, VMMS can be implemented in any company that has tangible and depreciable assets, including spare parts and plant machinery.

Auto Tech Link, Application Design's field service handheld application, supplies service technicians with accurate, up-to-date information about the customer base and assets in their service area, even if customers run into the tens of thousands. Technicians can create and invoice field calls for customers that are not known on centralized systems, which makes the application ideal for businesses that target one-off customer service, without the delay of creating a central customer record and updating the field service units. Auto Tech is available as an option to ADA's VMMS suite, or is easily integrated into existing field service or CRM systems.

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