SFR (France) chooses Nokia as one of the main suppliers of its 3G network

Cooperation expands to 3G radio-access and mobile Internet platform equipment.

Nokia and leading French private telecommunication operator Groupe Cegetel have signed a Letter of Intent agreement that reinforces Nokia as one of the main 3G system suppliers for SFR's 3G network. Under the Letter of Intent, Nokia will deliver its advanced 3G network solution to SFR, including infrastructure for both core and radio-access networks, as well as Nokia's mobile multimedia solutions.

Nokia will be one of the major suppliers of the 3G radio-access network (RAN), including base stations to be deployed in the Paris region. The IP mobility core network supplied by Nokia will include packet-switched elements and related support services. Deliveries will start in the fourth quarter 2001.

In addition to 3G network equipment, Nokia will provide an end-to-end solution to help SFR rapidly build out its 3G network. With the use of a full range of related support services (network planning, system integration, and Quality of Service monitoring), Nokia will build a complete integrated solution for SFR, including a middleware platform (Nokia mPlatform) that will allow fast implementation of mobile multimedia services.

"We are pleased to see our cooperation with Groupe Cegetel expanding further in the 3G space," said Didier Lamy, Account Director for Groupe Cegetel-Vivendi Universal, Nokia Networks. "We are working closely not only to build out an end-to-end 3G network, but also to develop mobile multimedia services that will drive network usage. With this agreement, we will work to bring SFR customers 3G services, such as mobile entertainment, mobile commerce, and multimedia messaging, that will enrich their lives."

Nokia's 3G infrastructure is based on the open standards, platforms and interfaces critical for a smooth evolution to commercial 3G services in a multi-vendor network. It includes integrated end-to-end solutions covering charging, security, network management and service control applications.

SFR and Nokia have been working together since 1988 for the delivery of network equipment and since 1994 for the delivery of SFR's GSM radio network. The future 3G services will be built on SFR's GPRS core network, supplied by Nokia in 2000. The two companies are already demonstrating the capabilities of the first GPRS network in France - paving the way for the roll-out of packet-based mobile multimedia services to SFR subscribers.

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