Socket's Complete Bluetooth Product Qualified

Bluetooth Protocol Stack Awarded v1.1 Qualification by BQB

Socket Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCKT)(PSE:SOK) today announced that its Bluetooth Protocol Stack for Microsoft's Windows CE operating system has been awarded v1.1 qualification by the Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB).

Bluetooth wireless technology has been refined over the last 2 years with standards being revised and updated by the dedicated Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). However, the SIG has now settled on the '1.1' standard as the definitive one for the foreseeable future. Socket's Bluetooth CompactFlash cards have already been approved. With the qualification of Socket's Protocol Stack, the company can offer a complete, qualified solution for Windows CE based handheld devices like Microsoft's Pocket PC.

About Qualification

The Bluetooth qualification is mandatory for manufacturers to use the official Bluetooth logo and trademark. The program enforces a consistent standard for implementing the Bluetooth wireless technology, and is important because successful qualification implies assured interoperability with different solutions and vendors. Socket's qualification testing was performed in conjunction with CETECOM, Inc. (, a recognized BQB.

The qualification criteria demanded protocol conformance tests, interoperability tests, compliance declarations and documentation reviews as defined in the Bluetooth Qualification Program Reference Document (PRD), released by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group's Bluetooth Qualification Association (BQA). The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the consortium that maintains the Bluetooth standard, has more than 2000 members.

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