Socket Now Shipping Bluetooth Evaluation Kit for Embedded System Developers

Miniature Hardware Modules and Software Helping Developers Add Bluetooth to Portable Devices

Socket Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:SCKT)(PSE:SOK) today announced it has begun shipping a Windows CE Bluetooth Evaluation Kit for Embedded System Developers. Each kit includes one of Socket's small form-factor Bluetooth hardware modules plus a versatile adapter board that allows the module to communicate with a standard computer interface for development and testing purposes. Socket's modules will support both intelligent appliances that include an operating system and simple devices that may not have an operating system.

"Socket's Bluetooth Kit for Embedded System Developers has been designed to support a wide range of products," said John Doub, director, Socket's Bluetooth program. "The kit is a great complement to our existing CompactFlash version of the Windows CE Bluetooth Evaluation Kit, and will help accelerate the deployment of Bluetooth technology by making it easy to Bluetooth enable both new and existing devices."

The Evaluation Kit is intended to make it easy for hardware designers and software developers to test the operation of Socket's miniature Bluetooth modules with a broad range of Windows CE custom portable devices whose size, target cost or usage profile make embedded Bluetooth connections preferable to conventional Bluetooth plug-in cards. More detailed information on the kit is available on Socket's web site


Additionally, Socket offers OEM customers design services that provide partial or complete turnkey support to developers seeking to embed Bluetooth capabilities within their products.

O'Neil, Inc., has sampled Socket's Bluetooth modules and intends to use them to Bluetooth-enable the company's rugged portable printers. "We are excited about working with Socket to add Bluetooth wireless connectivity to our product line," said the company's Founder and President, Tim O'Neil. "Socket has proven to be a valuable development partner and a leading-edge supplier of embedded Bluetooth technology for mobile devices."

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