Socket to Provide Bluetooth Support for Microsoft's Windows CE 3.0

Tiered Support Program to Aid Embedded System Builders and Developers in Incorporating Bluetooth into New Designs

Socket Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:SCKT)(PSE:SOK) today announced a tiered Bluetooth support program for Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) Platform Builder 3.0, a comprehensive toolkit for Windows CE 3.0 developers. Socket's Bluetooth Platform Builder 3.0 Program will offer embedded Windows CE reference design builders and developers the ability to easily design-in Socket Bluetooth CompactFlash cards and modules into their products.

The three-tiered program consists of Basic, Integration and Custom levels of support. Qualified PB3 developers can enroll immediately by visiting the developer's portion of Socket's web site ( Those with specific questions regarding the program can email

"This program was created in response to demands from a growing Windows CE development community for tools to enable simple incorporation of Bluetooth functionality. We developed the tiered program because of the many possible Windows CE implementations. Designers will be able to choose the support level most appropriate to their current needs," explained John Doub, director of Socket's Bluetooth Program. "Socket is committed to promoting broad acceptance of Bluetooth technology and will continue to offer the developer community options like the Platform Builder 3.0 Program to achieve that goal."

Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 delivers all the tools developers need to rapidly build Windows CE-based embedded systems. Platform Builder includes an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables embedded developers to configure, build, and debug a new generation of highly modular designs that combine the flexibility and reliability of embedded systems with the power of Windows and the Web. New features in Windows CE 3.0 such as improved target-host integration and connectivity for faster embedded development, advanced system-level debugging support including hardware-assisted and source-level debugging, and an improved extensibility model for directly integrating additional CPU architectures and third-party tools, allow developers to quickly and easily build customized solutions.

"With the introduction of the Bluetooth Platform Builder Program, Socket Communications will help support the growing number of embedded developers who are implementing Bluetooth functionality in their Windows CE 3.0-based smart devices," said Keith White, senior director of marketing for the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. "By taking advantage of this program, embedded developers will be able to more quickly and easily bring to market their rich, 32-bit smart devices that demand rich applications and wireless services."

"By designing Bluetooth into our reference platforms with Socket's Bluetooth Platform Builder program, we will be able to offer a more rapid deployment of Bluetooth technology to our customers," said Andrew Girson, CEO of InHand Electronics. "We can also streamline development time and take advantage of existing Bluetooth SIG certifications, as well as simplify operating system support. With Socket's Bluetooth expertise, we can focus our efforts on what we do best -- providing our customers a more complete, customized solution." InHand, a leader in the development of handheld device technology, offers complete software and hardware reference platforms for developers of next-generation handheld devices. To learn more about InHand Electronics, visit

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