STET Hellas Telecommunications SA (NASDAQ: STHLY; Amsterdam: STHLS) today announced the commercial launch of GPRS services. Offered to all STET Hellas contract customers, business and residential, initial GPRS services include: - WAP over GPRS, offering full access to TELESTET OnLine WAP services and all WAP pages with the “always-on” functionality - Mobile Internet, allowing remotely full web-browsing while being able to receive calls, through a GPRS terminal and a laptop. - Corporate Access, enabling business customers to have access to their e-mails as well as to the company’s applications, through a GPRS terminal and a laptop. STET Hellas introduces volume based billing of GPRS services, offering two customized tariff plans that addresses the different needs of the consumer and business segments. For the business customers, a monthly fee of GRD 9,000 allows usage of up to 20 Mb of data, while the consumers are offered usage of 1 Mb for a monthly fee of GRD 5,000. “GPRS marks an important step towards the 3rd generation of mobile services and gives our customers a taste of the future in mobile communication,” said Mr. Nikolaos Varsakis, Managing Director and CEO of STET Hellas. “We are proud to offer our customers greater flexibility in an increasingly advanced services industry. The increased mobility due to the ‘always on’ connection and the reduced access times to WAP services, as well as full access to the Internet, are features we believe will boost usage and create new revenues streams.”

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