ThinAirApps and AppForge Introduce Breakthrough Wireless Application Development Solution for Visual Basic Programmers

-- Identicon(TM)DB plus AppForge Professional Turns 3 Million Visual Basic(R)Programmers into Wireless Application Developers for the Palm(R) OS --

ThinAirApps, Inc., a leading wireless enterprise infrastructure company, and AppForge, the leading provider of Visual Basic(R) application development solutions for handheld and mobile products, today announced the availability of Identicon DB Developer Edition for AppForge.

The integrated development offering now makes it possible for the millions of Visual Basic developers in enterprises around the world to build smart-client applications for any Palm handheld that can access standard databases behind the corporate firewall in a matter of minutes - without having to learn any new wireless protocols or do any server-side coding.

Identicon DB, a wireless database access infrastructure, makes it easy to build mobile device-side, or smart-client, software capable of accessing almost any existing application or database behind the corporate firewall. Unlike browser-based applications, smart-clients permit a range of off-line functionality, including transaction queuing and caching data on the device, so mission-critical information is available even when network coverage is not. On the server-side, Identicon DB interacts with JDBC or ODBC to access any standard enterprise database, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and DB2.

AppForge is distributing Identicon DB Developer Edition for AppForge through its extensive direct and indirect channels and promoting it to the more than 15,000 existing AppForge professional developers. Enterprise developers who purchase this edition of Identicon DB from AppForge can install and operate the application seamlessly with their already-installed AppForge Professional toolkit. Identicon DB Developer Edition for AppForge costs $300 per developer license.

"Identicon DB Developer Edition for AppForge represents a tremendous breakthrough for the corporate development community. Using skills that are already in-house and being able to so rapidly create a wireless application without having to compromise on functionality and usability tremendously lowers the total cost of ownership for wireless data access in the enterprise," said Tom Nogles, vice president of product management at ThinAirApps. "The feedback from our early users of the integrated product has been extremely positive, and we are excited to get it in the hands of the avid army of Visual Basic programmers."

"Our mission from day one has been to provide enterprises with the most efficient way possible to develop high-value mobile applications," stated Doug Armstrong, CEO of AppForge. "The integration of AppForge Professional and Identicon DB delivers on this promise in the area of wireless data access. Enterprise developers can build real-time smart-client database applications for wireless devices just as easily as for the desktop. This is an unprecedented productivity gain for enterprises in need of wireless applications."

The United Kingdom-based division of Krones AG, the world market leader for filling and packaging systems, has been an early user of AppForge Professional and Identicon DB and is developing a data collection application for field service engineers. Steve Aspindle, IT Manager, states "of all the solutions I've researched this is the easiest way of creating a data collection application that has off-line capabilities and can communicate back and forth with a remote enterprise database. The Identicon DB module exposes data access methods to the AppForge developer, and with a simple knowledge of SQL, a powerful and streamlined wireless data access application can be created in no time at all."

With the Identicon DB and AppForge Professional, customers can:

-- Build powerful wireless applications without writing or maintaining server-side code

-- Leverage existing skills and tools to reduce time to market and increase return on investment

-- Maximize the user experience and increase performance by taking advantage of an optimized smart-client platform, designed from the ground up for wireless applications

-- Offer secure wireless access to data by taking advantage of RSA Security's 128-bit SSL encryption and multiple levels of user authentication.

-- Take advantage of advanced built-in features such as connection pools that are configurable per user group, optional stateful or stateless operation, and support for database stored procedures.

Identicon DB leverages ThinAirApps' core technology, ThinAir Server, a proven platform based on Java that enables secure, real-time access to information anytime, anywhere. Other applications that run on ThinAir Server include the industry-acclaimed ThinAir Groupware Access which provides full-featured support for major messaging systems including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus(R) Domino, Novell GroupWise(R), and any POP or IMAP mail server.

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