ThinAirApps and GoAmerica Extend Corporate Data to Wireless Handhelds

New Wireless Data Access Infrastructure Opens Up Enterprise Applications to Popular Mobile Communication Devices

ThinAirApps, Inc., a pioneering developer of wireless enterprise

infrastructure, today announced the availability of Identicon(TM) DB for Go.Web(TM) powered devices.

The initial implementation of Identicon will be for RIM Wireless Handhelds(TM). ThinAirApps selected Go.Web, the proprietary technology from leading wireless data and Internet services provider GoAmerica, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOAM), as a supported wireless transport for applications built with Identicon.

Identicon DB from ThinAirApps is wireless infrastructure software that provides enterprise employees access to any data from a variety of devices. With Identicon DB, sales force automation, supply chain management and customer relationship management applications built on standard databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2, or packaged applications offered by companies such as Siebel, i2 or Clarify, can be accessed wirelessly. Identicon DB's rapid application development infrastructure enables the deployment of smart-client, or device-side, applications which offer the advantages of off-line use and transaction queuing when users are out of network coverage.

The wireless transport technology powering applications built on Identicon DB for RIM Wireless Handhelds is Go.Web, GoAmerica's signature, proprietary service that enables mobile professionals to securely access and process corporate data, send and receive email and browse intranets and the Internet when away from the office. Go.Web intelligently compresses and encrypts data, optimizing it for viewing on virtually all major wireless devices and data networks. Identicon DB will be incorporated into GoAmerica's Mobile Office(R), a suite of wireless applications bundled to create a single, flexible and scalable wireless solution that mobilizes daily business activity.

"GoAmerica and ThinAirApps have made strategic moves to meet the needs for enterprises maximizing their use of wireless data networks and devices," said Bret Brase, vice president of sales and marketing at ThinAirApps. "This is another example of how we're expanding on what is possible in a company's wireless data strategy. By opening up the application possibilities on handheld devices enterprises will see a much greater return on investment on wireless data."

"We created Mobile Office to enable wireless access to enterprise data, and ThinAirApps helps business users customize their database and corporate applications," said Neal Katz, director of value added products for GoAmerica. "This product will allow us to incorporate additional applications to our Mobile Office Suite."

GoAmerica customers can contract ThinAir Professional Services now to build enterprise data access applications to be part of Mobile Office. Later this year, ThinAirApps will release the Developer and Enterprise Editions of Identicon DB for RIM Wireless Handhelds over the Go.Web transport for enterprise C++ developers to build applications on their own.

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