timnet.com and Wysdom Announce Multi-Country, Multi-Carrier Mobile Portal Deal

Latin America's Largest Wireless Network Licenses Wysdom's Mobyle Application Platform (version 4.0)

Wysdom Inc., a wireless software and infrastructure company, and timnet.com, the 'wireless' value-added service provider for TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) in South America, announced today a deal for timnet.com to license Wysdom's recently released Mobyle Application Platform(TM) version 4.0 (Read Wysdom's MAP release).

The deal primarily centers on timnet.com licensing and implementing Wysdom's MAP 4.0, which will serve as their core application platform for their affiliate Carriers, throughout several Latin American countries. timnet.com will initially launch a customized mobile portal that will be integrated with Wysdom's Mobyle Application Platform(TM).

Initially, the portal will be launched in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru, expanding to Argentina, Chile and Venezuela. Development of the project is already underway. timnet.com will develop a variety of consumer and corporate applications on top of the MAP solution with a longer-term plan for the two companies to jointly develop enterprise business applications.

This announcement also marks one of the first customers to implement Wysdom's recently released Mobyle Application Platform(TM) version 4.0. Wysdom's MAP 4.0 is a Carrier-grade platform that serves as the intelligent bridge connecting wireless devices to enterprise data and Internet applications. Carriers utilizing MAP 4.0 can now address unique mobile user requirements, including interoperability of applications across multiple networks. MAP 4.0 also provides Carriers with advanced session management benefits, and a high degree of personalization including multi-device profiles for a single account.

timnet.com, controlled by TIM, is the 'wireless' value-added service provider to potentially more than 8 million subscribers throughout Latin America. timnet.com is planning to offer its services to the TIM affiliate Carriers in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Venezuela. The mobile portal offering will help TIM overcome the challenge in South America of being first-to-market with a robust suite of wireless services, applications and content for consumers.

"TIM is recognized as the leading mobile Carrier in Latin America and we are enthusiastic about working with them, " said Kashif Hassan, co-founder and CEO of Wysdom. He added, "Wysdom's new MAP 4.0 will enable timnet.com to offer its customers premium SMS services, which are currently in high demand, and a wide range of B2B/corporate applications including mobile commerce and location-sensitive services in the future."

Federico Pisani Massamormile, CEO of timnet.com commented, "Following extensive analysis, we concluded that Wysdom's platform and their extensive Carrier knowledge and expertise, will allow timnet.com to quickly launch a diverse suite of mobile applications." He added, "By integrating Wysdom's new MAP 4.0 platform, timnet.com is several steps closer to the goal of becoming the main provider of advanced wireless services within the Brazilian territories and throughout South America."

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