Trillium First to Offer Wireless CAP Software Enabling Enhanced Services for Roaming Mobile Subscribers

Upgraded MAP Intelligent Network Software Also Unveiled for Third Generation Wireless Networks

Trillium Digital Systems Inc., an Intel company and leading provider of communications software solutions, announced today its continued commitment to wireless communications by unveiling the telecommunications industry's first Customized Applications for Mobile Network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Application Part (CAP) software, and an upgraded version of its Mobile Application Part (MAP) software designed for deployment in Third Generation (3G) wireless networks.

Both standards-based software offerings are provided off-the-shelf to speed time-to-market and enable manufacturers to focus scarce resources on value-add competencies in delivering differentiated solutions.

CAP is an Intelligent Network standard for the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and will allow wireless equipment manufacturers to help network operators and service providers offer enhanced services to subscribers. Trillium's CAP offers significant benefits beyond standard GSM services for subscribers roaming within or outside the home network. Enhanced services such as short-message service, e-mail, call forwarding, virtual private networks and single-number service will now be fully accessible for roaming subscribers when they travel outside their home networks. Trillium's CAP will make possible a broad range of new enhanced services tailored to specific market segments, such as the ability to roam in another country using four-digit dialing and avoiding international long-distance charges.

Trillium's new MAP 3G software product provides the functions and procedures necessary to query various databases or support other components in the intelligent network. The company's MAP 3G tailors those capabilities to equipment manufacturers of 3G wireless networks. The new MAP 3G provides support for interactive mobile applications (such as cellular, paging and voice messaging) between the functional entities in a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. These functional entities include: Home Location Registers, Visitor Location Registers, Mobile Switching Centers, Gateway GPRS Support Nodes, Serving GPRS Support Nodes and Mobile Location Centers. The standards-based MAP 3G can be used to expedite development of switches, adjunct processors, service platforms, test equipment and other products.

Key benefits from using Trillium's off-the-shelf CAP and MAP 3G include an accelerated time-to-market and lower overall development and maintenance costs. These standards-based software offerings reduce deployment risks and enable users to concentrate on differentiating their products through value-added technologies.

"With our new CAP and MAP 3G software offerings, Trillium is once again setting the standards for next-generation communications," said Frank Morese, vice president of Marketing for Trillium Digital Systems Inc. "Our two new offerings provide equipment manufacturers with robust mechanisms for cost-effectively delivering tailored, enhanced services to wireless subscribers."

Trillium's CAP and MAP 3G software are targeted at wireless original equipment manufacturers, wireless infrastructure start-ups, and Internet infrastructure equipment providers entering the 3G wireless market segment. These two off-the-shelf software offerings are available immediately to customers.

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