webplan Helps Handspring Fill Customer Orders More Accurately, Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Collaborative Trading Network Enables Extended Supply Chain Efficiency, Ensuring Customer Service Excellence

webplan, Corp. today announced that Handspring, Inc. (Nasdaq:HAND), a leading innovator of handheld computers, has selected the webplan CeO(TM) (Collaborative eSupply-Chain Optimization) e-Business solution to support Web-native collaboration between Handspring, its distribution centers, suppliers and subcontract manufacturers. webplan will enable Handspring to share planning and production information across its operation and with its external trading partners, allowing them to react quickly to unexpected supply and demand-related events. This will lead to optimized eBusiness performance throughout Handspring's entire supply chain.

"webplan will enable Handspring to improve efficiency between their operation and all of its supply chain partners in order to drive down excess inventory costs and minimize other planning challenges. Moreover, it will help speed the delivery of Handspring products to customers, resulting in increased revenues," said Michael Ker, president and CEO of webplan. "This formula for bottom-line e-Business success is critical to our customers' gaining competitive advantage, and it's central to our collaborative supply chain management solution."

Handspring selected webplan's collaborative trading network approach because it matched well with the company's virtual manufacturing model -- a system designed to create a tight integration between the company, its suppliers and customers for efficient supply chain performance. webplan will provide Handspring multi-tier supply chain visibility and real-time planning capabilities. webplan services also speed the process of handling rapid and unexpected shifts in production demands from customers, keeping all parties notified of manufacturing changes so they are able to make more accurate and intelligent purchasing decisions.

"Our vision at Handspring is to create a dynamic, end-to-end connection with all of our trading partners and to achieve optimal performance across the entire supply chain," said Mike Gallucci, vice president of Manufacturing for Handspring, Inc. "webplan was chosen to help turn that vision into reality by seamlessly integrating with our internal ERP systems and by providing real-time collaboration with our external partners. With webplan we expect to reduce supply chain costs and increase supply chain agility by accelerating information flow between our supply partners."

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