Wipro Technologies Announces Bluetooth Product Qualification; Strengthens customer confidence for an evolving technology

Wipro Technologies, a leading technology solutions provider with key offerings for the emerging embedded and wireless markets, today announced that BlueWave Hardware Baseband Controller, their baseband controller core for the Bluetooth(TM) short-range wireless standard, has been awarded Bluetooth qualification from the Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB).

The Bluetooth qualification is mandatory for manufacturers to use the official Bluetooth logo and trademark. The program enforces a consistent standard for implementing the Bluetooth wireless technology, and is important because successful qualification implies assured interoperability with different solutions and vendors. Wipro's qualification testing was performed in conjunction with CeteCom Inc. (www.cetecom.com), a recognized BQB.

The qualification criteria demanded protocol conformance tests, interoperability tests, compliance declarations and documentation reviews as defined in the Bluetooth Qualification Program Reference Document (PRD), released by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group's Bluetooth Qualification Association (BQA). The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the consortium that maintains the Bluetooth standard, has more than 2000 members.

As cutting edge technology solutions providers with the promise of delivering a competitive time-to-market advantage, Wipro Technologies has a rapidly growing portfolio of Intellectual Property (IP) blocks for the networking and wireless markets. Wipro's Bluetooth Baseband and Protocol software solutions belong to Wipro's IP repository, and can be leveraged for Wipro's custom design projects, or licensed by customers to gain a vital time-to-market advantage.

Mr. M. Diwakaran, CEO of the Embedded & Internet Access Solutions Division said, "In addition to providing the core Bluetooth technology, Wipro extends its vastly skilled embedded design capabilities to give customers a true concept-to-prototype solution. The successful qualification of our Bluetooth technology building blocks is a significant milestone, and reflects our commitment to offer well-tested, robust designs."

The BlueWave Hardware Baseband Controller is compliant with the latest (Ver. 1.1) Bluetooth specification. The core provides a configurable interface to a standard Bluetooth radio module, and has been successfully tested with various third-party radio chipsets for interoperability. The BlueWave Baseband Core also interfaces to a CVSD/PCM voice CODEC as well as to an ARM7TDMI processor via the Advanced System Bus (ASB).

Wipro's Bluetooth core is available in synthesizable source code. The foundry independent design can be targeted to any library and technology for easy integration into ASICs. This low gate count core combines modular architecture, robust design flows and extensive verification, and is complemented by the Wipro's BlueWave Software Protocol Stack and application profiles, to form a comprehensive Bluetooth solution. Wipro's portfolio of Bluetooth IP blocks have already been licensed to multiple customers in the US and Japan.

With the qualification of Wipro's BlueWave Baseband Controller, Wipro can boast of a complete, qualified Bluetooth solution. Wipro's BlueWave Protocol Stack was qualified in March of this year. Both IPs have passed compliance and interoperability tests at Bluetooth UnPlug Fests.

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