Wireless LANs -WLANs- Gaining Acceptance; Sage Research Releases New Study of US Businesses

An increasing number of organizations are using wireless LANs (WLANs), according to a recent study published by Sage Research, Inc. "We are seeing significant growth in the adoption of WLANs, indicating that WLANs are transitioning from a niche technology limited to early adopters to a mainstream technology with broad appeal," notes Kathryn Korostoff, Sage's President. "Indeed, nearly one-third of the organizations surveyed have some wireless in their networks, which demonstrates the significant inroads wireless technology has made onto the premises."

In addition, the study reveals that more than half of the companies surveyed are likely to be installing WLANs in the next two years. While actual deployment may fall short of these aggressive plans, these results reflect customer confidence that WLANs are a viable technology which will meet their needs.

The study also reports on the convergence of key factors relating to supply and demand, which is sparking a revitalization of the WLAN market. For example, the increased demand for WLANs is partly fueled by the need to support workers who use PDAs, laptops and handheld computers. In fact, the vast majority of companies planning to install a WLAN in the next two years report that they are doing so in order to support workers with laptops or handheld computers. "It's no secret that more professionals are equipped with mobile computing devices that ever before, so it's not surprising that these organizations are deploying technologies to support them," notes Korostoff.

For the study, network managers from 129 US organizations were surveyed regarding their current and future use of WLANs. These IT professionals primarily represent businesses with more than 100 employees.

For more information about this brief report, "Wireless LAN Adoption: A Quantitative Analysis," please contact Sage Research at (508) 655-5400 or by email at reports@sageresearch.com.

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