A.S.T.R.I.D. and Nokia sign contract to complete the nationwide roll-out of TETRA network in Belgium

Network build-out already underway with successful launch of TETRA service in East Flanders

Nokia and A.S.T.R.I.D., the Belgian public-safety and security network operator, have signed an agreement for the supply and implementation of A.S.T.R.I.D.'s nationwide TETRA network, marking a major milestone in efforts to bring secure, digital professional mobile radio communications to all Belgian public safety organizations.

Under this and previous agreements with A.S.T.R.I.D., Nokia is providing a complete TETRA network to the KNT consortium, which is overseeing the implementation of the network. Included in the agreements are switches, base stations and a network management system. The initial roll-out of the network is already underway, with the recent launch of TETRA service in East Flanders. The latest contract calls for the roll-out to be extended to all ten Belgian provinces.

The city of Sint-Niklaas in East Flanders was the first to inaugurate A.S.T.R.I.D.'s TETRA network when its local police, fire department and town council started using the system for their radio communications. Geraardsbergen, another city in East-Flanders, followed soon afterwards. The next two provinces to receive a TETRA service will be West-Flanders and Henegouwen.

"This makes A.S.T.R.I.D. one of the most visible TETRA projects in the entire world," stated Philippe Delcol, managing director of KNT and account manager Nokia PMR Belgium. "Its concept and approach -- not to mention the complexity, integration and technology used are unique."

In June 1998, the Belgian Council of Ministers chose the KNT consortium as the sole supplier for professional mobile radio network for the Belgian authorities. A.S.T.R.I.D. is the government-owned corporation of main contractors Nokia and leading European network integrator Telindus responsible for providing communications to all Belgian public safety organizations.

"The TETRA network we are building for A.S.T.R.I.D., with full lnternet Protocol packet data capabilities, is one of a kind in the world. It is an excellent example of how modern professional mobile radio systems can be implemented on a countrywide basis for use by an entire range of public authorities," stated Hans Holmberg, vice president, Nokia Networks.

Nokia is the world's leading supplier of TETRA networks and terminals, offering the most modern countrywide digital radio communication solutions for public safety organizations. Special features particularly for the use of public authorities include: top-class communication security, fast group calls, sophisticated emergency call functionality, prioritized calls, advanced messaging and data communication services, including packet data.

Nokia has a proven track record of delivering multiswitch TETRA networks capable of providing all TETRA services uniformly countrywide. The open interfaces of Nokia TETRA solutions enable seamless integration to command and control systems.

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