AK.TV, From Kanakaris Wireless, Recognized By Media As First Web-Based Television Channel Accessible By Wireless Devices

Kanakaris Wireless (OTC BB:KKRS), the company that offered the first Internet movie with no download time in 1995, has reinvented itself as a global interactive television channel.

The company again achieved a world first on Friday, Aug. 17, when it successfully launched AK.TV, which can be viewed in handheld Pocket PCs in addition to other Internet enabled devices and even conventional TVs.

"Our most important breakthrough is making AK.TV an enjoyable experience for as many viewers as possible, not just those with superfast Internet connectivity. We are offering three different broadcast parameters, which are user selectable, to reach the largest possible audience," said Alex Kanakaris, CEO, Kanakaris Wireless.

Kanakaris Wireless is now introducing more interactivity for the channel which already includes the ability to preview and order books, view video content on demand, and order pop culture and movie related products.

"Internationally there is a tremendous growth in wireless handheld connectivity, especially in the Nordic countries and Japan, and AK.TV is well timed to introduce a new form of television on a global scale," Kanakaris stated.

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