AvantGo Delivers Integrated RIM Blackberry Wireless Handheld Solution for Mobilizing Enterprise Applications

Fortune 1000 Companies Can Now Take Advantage of Integrated Wireless Solution to Streamline Business Processes and Increase Workforce Productivity

AvantGo, Inc., (Nasdaq:AVGO), the leading provider of mobile software and services, today announced that it is now shipping three new products to Fortune 1000 customers for RIM BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds(TM). The AvantGo Client for RIM BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds provides award-winning web browsing and application functionality enabling customers to streamline business processes and increase workforce productivity.

The new software products offer the following functionality:

-- AvantGo(R) 4.0 M-Business Server and Client for RIM BlackBerry

Wireless Handhelds: Secure, interactive wireless access to enterprise applications and corporate data behind the firewall, -- AvantGo 4.0 Application Alerts: Push HTML e-mail application alerts that enhance plain-text e-mail capabilities with graphics and embedded interactive forms for data capture and response, and -- AvantGo Mobile Sales(TM): Extensions to leading customer relationship management applications, such as Siebel Systems for BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds.

The solutions include wireless access provisioning, network management and billing services provided by RIM for the AvantGo software.

"Innovative wireless solutions, including AvantGo on BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds, are instrumental in reducing operating costs in a number of ways, such as eliminating field person downtime, reducing paperwork and improving communications between field personnel and the corporate office," said Steve Buttry, chief technology officer at MH2Technologies (www.MH2.com). "When companies like ours are able to put mission-critical applications into the hands of our customers, regardless of an available wireless connection, the possibilities for savings increase and so does customer satisfaction."

AvantGo M-Business solutions enable enterprises to greatly increase the ROI on their existing information technology investments by providing instant access to critical applications and information -- anytime, anywhere -- from wireless devices. With RIM's `Always On, Always Connected(R)' BlackBerry Handhelds, enterprises deploying AvantGo solutions for business intelligence, sales force automation, supply chain management, patient care, field force automation and other enterprise applications can now enjoy immediate access to Web-based applications and alerts.

"Using our award-winning enterprise software on BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds enables enterprises to deploy broad-based business applications using an integrated solution," added Richard Owen, AvantGo's CEO. "For mobile and wireless users who are away from their desks, the combined AvantGo and RIM solution provides an exceptional end-user experience by taking full advantage of data synchronization, nationwide wireless service and asynchronous notification or push -- allowing fast, reliable and secure access to applications. AvantGo software uniquely ensures true Dynamic Mobility by enabling interaction with applications, seamlessly transitioning between both wireless online and offline connectivity."

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