Avnet RF Design Services and Philips Semiconductor Connect with Bluetooth Development Kit

Avnet Bluekit Introduced Avnet's RF Design Services (RF ADS) Bluetooth Competency Center introduces Avnet Bluekit.

The kit features Philips Semiconductors' PCF87750 Bluetooth baseband controller, which supports point-to-multipoint Bluetooth connections and Bluetooth v1.1; with BGB100 radio module. The Avnet Bluekit(TM) is designed to enable rapid adoption of Bluetooth technology by application developers into their end products. The solution is by far the most integrated device with flash memory and CODEC built in.

Avnet Bluekit is the result of a strategic relationship between Avnet Asia Pte Ltd (RF Design Services) and Philips Semiconductors International BV, through its Bluetooth Competency Center, Singapore, to deliver a complete set of Bluetooth(TM) solutions.

"Avnet is proud to team up with Philips Semiconductors to introduce Bluetooth solutions to the marketplace. Entering into a strategic relationship with Philips, we are confident that our potential customers will adopt this Bluetooth technology quickly into their end products and hence, improve their time-to-market," said Andy Wong, director of Avnet RF & Microwave Product Business Group.

"Our partnership also represents a key element in our overall wireless product strategy. We are confident that the combined development between the two Singapore-based competency centers --Philips Semiconductors' Bluetooth Competency Center (BTCC) and Avnet's RF Design Services (RF ADS) -- will make us one of the leaders in Bluetooth development," he added.

Ruud van der Linden, senior vice president, Philips Semiconductors said, "Bluetooth wireless technology has tremendous market potential. As a worldwide leading semiconductor manufacturer, Philips Semiconductors is the first manufacturer to introduce commercial Bluetooth chipsets.

"We are keen to develop ideal products for our customers to fully take advantage of this advanced wireless technology and offer our customers more convenient, effective and comprehensive solutions to help them achieve quick application design.

"To help more customers benefit from our leading-edge products, we are glad to have Avnet, our authorized Asia Pacific distributor, release the Avnet Bluekit to assist customers entering the Bluetooth market."

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