Bachmann Software Introduces File Management for Palm Powered Handheld Computers

FilePoint(TM) Offers Users a Better Way to Organize, Find and Access Data On Palm OS(R) Handhelds

Bachmann Software today launched the commercial release of its FilePoint(TM) software application for Palm OS(R) handheld computers. As more and more users of Palm Powered(TM) devices install office applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets and databases, the need for file organization has become increasingly important. FilePoint is Bachmann Software's answer to this problem, bringing users of Palm Powered handhelds a convenient way to manage their files.

"As the storage capacity of Palm Powered handheld computers has increased and more and more users are storing volumes of documents, spreadsheets and other files on their handhelds, FilePoint is a welcome development that will help users to gain rapid access to their information," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, senior director of Platform Development Services at Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq:PALM).

The usability features and layout of the program will be familiar to most PC users, including the ability to organize applications and documents into a hierarchy of folders and subfolders for faster access and retrieval. Key features include the ability to drag and drop documents among folders for easy organization, plus the ability to browse or search for documents by title or file type. To further simplify the task of accessing commonly used documents, users are able to open their documents directly from a folder, and easily recall documents that were recently opened.

A key feature available to users of Palm Powered handhelds is the ability to quickly and easily share information, whether by beaming or by wirelessly printing documents to an infrared printer. With FilePoint, users can open, beam or print their data with a single tap of a stylus. Another valuable feature provided with FilePoint is the ability to launch applications by simply tapping on the appropriate application icon. The application is able to interpret documents from the many third party developers and file formats that are popular among Palm OS device users, such as Quickoffice, WordSmith, thinkDB, MiniCalc, Documents To Go and many others.

"With the addition of documents, spreadsheets, databases and other computer content, handhelds have become much more than digital rolodexes," said Dan Reuvers, Bachmann Software's vice president. "If you are having a difficult time tracking down the documents you need when you need them, it defeats the purpose of having a handheld computer. FilePoint provides users with many of the Windows(TM) Explorer-type organizational tools they are accustomed to at their desktops and is designed to help them access their information faster and more easily."

FilePoint retails for US$19.95 and is available on Bachmann Software's Web site,, or any of the Web sites that sell Palm OS applications, such as PalmGear and Handango.

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