Becomes Sagem's First Web Optimization Partner

BlueKite Solution to Enable High Speed Web Access On Sagem's New PDA Device, a leading mobile Internet software provider, today announced that it has been chosen by Sagem, the French telecommunications group, as the first supplier of Web optimization software for enhancing mobile Internet access. BlueKite's software will allow Sagem customers to benefit from a high speed, graphically enriched Web browsing experience on Sagem's new WID (Wireless Information Device), the WA 3050, a PDA with integrated mobile phone.

By simply downloading BlueKite's software onto their device, end users will benefit from a transformed mobile Internet experience equivalent to that of a fixed-line connection. BlueKite will provide Sagem customers with the latest version of its software that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of PocketPC users. Using a combination of intelligent caching and compression techniques, BlueKite can improve wireless Web browsing speeds by three to five times on average. Mobile professionals and consumers will have fast and efficient access to information anytime, anywhere.

The WA 3050 is one of the latest devices to combine a powerful mobile phone and a personal digital assistant. Key features of the device include a 206Mhz processor and expandable 16MB memory. Furthermore, the inclusion of Microsoft's PocketPC software provides users with a host of familiar applications including Microsoft Outlook, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel and Internet Explorer. Recently launched as a GSM device, the WA 3050 will be upgraded to GPRS capabilities by end 2001.

"We are delighted that Sagem has chosen to offer its customers the BlueKite solution for use on the WA 3050. Sagem is one of the leading traditional mobile manufacturers moving into the PDA space and pioneering the development of innovative devices that are vital to meet the demand for a truly useable wireless Internet experience," said Jan Wiejak, managing director BlueKite Europe.

BlueKite will be a key Sagem strategic partner in the roll-out of the WA 3050, and the first partner in the optimization area. Sagem has been working with BlueKite from the start to deliver a powerful consumer offering. Users will be able to download the BlueKite software onto the WA 3050 with a simple one-click installation and will immediately benefit from enhanced Internet access speeds.

BlueKite's proven technology has been adopted by mobile operators and device manufacturers in Europe and the U.S. to deliver fast and efficient mobile Internet access to customers. In the future, BlueKite plans to offer end users the ability to see for themselves the effectiveness of BlueKite's software by downloading it from the BlueKite website on a trial basis.

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