DataViz's New Documents To Go 4.0 Software Brings Microsoft PowerPoint Files to Palm Handhelds

Mobile Professionals Also Can Create, View and Edit Microsoft Word and Excel Files and Save Documents on Expansion Cards

In a handheld industry first, DataViz(R), Inc. and Palm, Inc. today announced Documents To Go(R) Professional Edition Version 4.0, the only solution that enables Palm(TM) handheld users to create, view and edit Word and Excel documents and view PowerPoint presentations in one complete package. Mobile professionals now will have the ability to view PowerPoint files with a new application called Slideshow To Go(TM). The DataViz software provides a competitive advantage for Palm handheld users who want a true mobile office solution.

The new Professional Edition continues to support Word and Excel. Other improvements in Version 4.0 include the ability to create and edit Excel-compatible spreadsheets with Sheet To Go(TM), save and sync large documents directly to Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMediaCard media using Palm m500 series handhelds, and sync documents between multiple computers. DataViz's DocSync(TM) technology provides seamless synchronization by giving users the freedom to make changes on their handhelds without losing the desktop document's original formatting after synchronization.

"With Documents To Go 4.0, we have strived to make the Palm handheld a superior companion to Microsoft Office," said Dick Fontana, president and chief executive officer of DataViz, Inc. "We believe this latest version of Documents To Go will make using Word, Excel and now PowerPoint files on a Palm handheld as easy to use as the Palm OS(R) itself."

Palm will bundle a version of Documents To Go 4.0 software free to buyers of the Palm m500 handheld series, giving Palm handheld users the most advanced Word, Excel and PowerPoint experience on any handheld platform. Customers who already have purchased Documents To Go 3.0 software or Palm m500 series handhelds can download Version 4.0 free of charge up to 30 days from their date of purchase (see details listed below under "Special Offer").

"Many people have the misperception that they can't use Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on Palm handhelds," said Kevin Hell, senior vice president of product management, Solutions Group, Palm, Inc. "In fact, Palm handheld users with Documents To Go now will have the most comprehensive and efficient means of working with these Microsoft Office files while preserving the file format through DocSync technology. And they are able to instantly open documents without the frustrating wait for the hourglass to disappear."

New PowerPoint Capabilities

Similar to PowerPoint on the desktop, Slideshow To Go enables mobile professionals to view PowerPoint files on their Palm handhelds. Users can navigate through presentations in outline, speaker notes, and slide views. For example, users can practice PowerPoint presentations on their Palm handheld while riding in a cab or on a plane without pulling out a bulky laptop. They can also refer to their enhanced speaker notes while giving the actual presentation. Slideshow To Go is available for Windows only.

Improved Spreadsheet Functionality

Documents To Go 4.0 is the most comprehensive spreadsheet application available for handhelds. Sheet To Go is compatible with Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and Quattro Pro. The handheld spreadsheet supports more than 110 functions, including logical, financial, statistical and informational functions. Users can create and edit formulas, format cells, recalculate data, and insert rows, columns and even new sheets on their handhelds. Sheet To Go also features "instant open" on all files, so people don't have to wait for files to load on the handheld. The latest version of Sheet To Go complements the already rich format support of Word To Go(TM), the word processing application in Documents To Go.

Expansion Support and Add-On Kit

Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be downloaded onto SD and MultiMediaCard media during synchronization, creating a postage stamp-sized "floppy disk" that can be removed or passed to a colleague. An Add-On Kit includes DataViz Mail (Windows only), an email application to synchronize Outlook and Lotus Notes email and attachments, as well as PDF To Go to access PDF files. When Documents To Go Professional Edition is purchased in retail or directly from DataViz, the Add-On Kit is included free. Palm m500 series customers can purchase it for only $19.95.

Document Protection

Documents To Go is powered by DocSync technology (Windows only), which gives users the freedom to make changes on their handhelds without losing the formatting of the original Word and Excel files after synchronization. There is no need to manage multiple versions of the original file because changes made on the handheld are intelligently merged into the original desktop file, as if the changes have been made on the desktop. Features such as graphics, character and paragraph styles, text boxes and even embedded objects are preserved in the original file after syncing the changes back from the handheld.

Simple Synchronization

The latest version of Documents To Go supports synchronization with multiple PCs and Macs. It allows users to quickly and easily exchange data between two or more computers.

Pricing and Availability

Documents To Go Professional Edition 4.0 is $69.95, and is expected to be available for all Palm OS based devices by the end of August from a number of retail outlets, including Staples, Office Depot and CompUSA, as well as online resellers, mail order catalogs and educational resellers. It is currently available directly from the DataViz website (

French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of Documents To Go Professional Edition 4.0 are expected to be available from international distributors and resellers later this month. For a complete list of Documents To Go International distributors and resellers please visit (

A new version of the Documents To Go Standard Edition will soon be available for those who need to use only word processing documents and spreadsheets. It will include all of the functionality of Sheet To Go and Word To Go in Version 4.0, but will not have PowerPoint viewing or the bonus Add-On Kit. The Standard Edition will only be available in the U.S and Canada, and will have a street price of $49.95.

Special Offer from DataViz

Customers who purchase Palm m500 series handhelds or Documents To Go 3.0 software can download DataViz's Documents To Go 4.0 with support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint free of charge up to 30 days from date of purchase. In addition, upgrades will be available for users who have purchased Palm m500 series handhelds or Documents To Go 3.0 software up to 90 days from date of purchase and more than 90 days from date of purchase for $14.95 and $29.95, respectively.

Software upgrades are available directly from the DataViz web site (

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