eGain Launches Industry's First Wireless Virtual Agent, Improving Usability of Wireless Web

With the Help of Curious Networks, eGain's Agent Supports All Wireless Devices

eGain Communications (Nasdaq:EGAN), and privately-held Curious Networks will unveil the industry's first wireless virtual agent at the International Call Center Management (ICCM) show that runs July 31-August 2, in Chicago. This innovation overcomes the barriers that have hindered use of the wireless Web for customer service, improving both the responsiveness and usability of the channel to deliver a more powerful vehicle for service inquiries. Recognizing that convenience is a top priority for customers making service requests, eGain's new wireless solution continues the company's tradition of ensuring excellent customer experiences. The virtual agent shown at ICCM combines eGain Assistant(TM) with Curious Networks Continuum(TM) Embedded software.

The wireless version of eGain Assistant enables users to get answers and assistance on Web sites via all mobile devices, including Internet-enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs) and 2-way pagers. A life-like conversational virtual agent, eGain Assistant eliminates the challenge users face having to navigate through large amounts of content on small screens. Instead of cramming the content from an entire Web page into the confines of a small display, eGain Assistant gives users specific, detailed information to their inquiries, free of extraneous content such as pages of links, menus and icons.

eGain's software is enabled for use on wireless devices via Curious Networks' Continuum(TM) Embedded Edition, a solution that simplifies the task of extending enterprise applications to wireless devices. The new wireless virtual agent showcases not only the elegance of using eGain Assistant to access the wireless Web, but also the power of Curious Networks' unique software. Given that both companies support open standards like XML, eGain and Curious Networks were able to create a wireless version of eGain Assistant in record time.

Overcoming Two Barriers of the Wireless Web for Customer Service

The revolutionary wireless virtual agent overcomes two barriers that have hindered the delivery of customer service via the wireless Web: first, the need for an efficient way of accessing content within a small screen; and second, a way to deliver web content that supports the wide variety of devices on the market, and their continual changes.

eGain Assistant a Natural Solution for Wireless Web

Through its efficient natural language dialogs, eGain Assistant provides a simple user interface that enables users to ask and receive answers for exactly what they want without tedious navigation and slow response times.

When accessed via a mobile device, eGain Assistant eliminates the frustration of trying to navigate a cluttered Web site via a small display. As a result, customers can easily target the precise information the need, such as checking flight times, gate assignments, stock quotes, account balances or order status.

Three Ways to Speed Text Entry

Beyond the handwriting recognition, portable keyboards, and text completion provided by many mobile devices, eGain Assistant provides three additional ways to speed text entry. First, eGain Assistant recognizes abbreviations and mnemonics, such as "r" as a shortcut for "are," and "u" as a shortcut for "you." Second, Assistant embeds possible responses as links that can simply be tapped rather than typed, for example, a link for the word "yes." Finally, Assistant provides a learning interface that remembers facts give to it. If a user tells the virtual agent a zip code or similar data, the agent knows not to ask for that information again.

Curious Networks' Software Speeds Deployment on Range of Wireless Devices

Using Curious Networks' Continuum(TM) Embedded development software, eGain easily deployed its eGain Assistant software on leading wireless devices, including all variations of Internet-enabled mobile phones, Palm, RIM, and Windows CE devices. Curious Networks' rapid deployment cycle overcomes the challenge of device management, making it feasible for companies to extend enterprise applications for use across a variety of wireless devices.

The Continuum(TM) Embedded software simplifies wireless deployment by way of a presentation server that optimizes software for a variety of specific individual devices. With its broad device support, and efficient development cycle, Continuum(TM) Embedded is recognized as one of the most flexible and robust mobile software development solution available today. "Curious Networks is a great go-to-market partner for wireless development," said Rearick. "We were very impressed that with Continuum(TM) Embedded we were able to deploy eGain Assistant to all mobile devices in a fraction of the time we expected."

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