Electric Pocket Launches BugMe! NotePacks, Stationery Templates for Writing Personal Notes on Palm OS Handheld Computers

First NotePack Features Garfield and Other Popular Comic Strip Characters

Electric Pocket Limited today announces new versions of its popular BugMe! and BugMe! Messenger applications for Palm Powered(TM) handheld computers that add BugMe! NotePack stationery templates, enabling users to easily enhance the style and impact of their handwritten reminder notes and messages.

The first BugMe! NotePack is Comic Notes, a series of humorous message packs from Handtap Communications that features popular comic strip characters such as Garfield, Bizarro, Cathy and Ziggy. Electric Pocket is also offering a developer tool to provide other application developers with the ability to create BugMe! NotePacks for commercial or personal use. Electric Pocket will give BugMe! NotePack authors the opportunity to upload and share their content via the BugMe.net Web site.

BugMe! and BugMe! Messenger have both been commercial successes in the handheld computing industry, enabling users to quickly and easily handwrite notes or sketches directly on the screens of their Palm Powered handhelds and set reminder alarms. With the release of BugMe! Messenger late last year, Electric Pocket added the ability to send notes, sketches and even photographs to any email address directly from the handheld device. Now users will be able to select from a wide variety of stationery templates to automatically add to BugMe! notes. Examples from the Comic Notes collection include a "To Do" stationery template featuring the image of the popular Cathy character with her trademark pile of paper on her desk, and an "It's Time" reminder note featuring a sleepy Garfield taking his frustration on a dreaded alarm clock.

"Comic Notes let you communicate quickly and with character," said Fabrice Florin, CEO of Handtap. "It's a great way to stay in touch with peers, family and friends. We look forward to releasing a range of BugMe! NotePacks for personal and business use."

Garfield, Cathy, Bizarro and other popular characters are provided by uclick, the world's largest packager and distributor of comics on the Web.

"We're delighted to be working with Handtap and Electric Pocket on this exciting project," said Chris Pizey, chief operating officer of uclick. "This is a world class example of how our comic characters can add value in the wireless market."

BugMe! NotePacks are useful for business as well as pleasure. Electric Pocket's BugMe! NotePack Developer Toolkit will give enterprise users the opportunity to create custom note and message templates for employees to use when exchanging BugMe! notes with co-workers. For example, a supervisor can send a reminder note with a BugMe! alarm to his employees reminding them of an important meeting. The supervisor can select a BugMe! NotePack template with the corporate logo and a "PRIORITY" stamp so it will be sure to get the attention of her staff members.

"BugMe! is so successful because it is both playful and practical," said Iain Barclay, Electric Pocket's co-founder and chief products officer. "Our new BugMe! NotePack further expands upon the fun and practicality of BugMe! and BugMe! Messenger and creates new opportunities for our customers and our partners, who can now create and share BugMe! NotePacks with the BugMe! community."

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