Enhanced Semotus Platform Features Seamless Integration With RIM Wireless Handheld Device

Strategic Over-The-Air-Programming Technology and Enhanced Graphic Capabilities Featured

Semotus Solutions (AMEX:DLK) (formerly Datalink.net), a market leading wireless application service provider (w-ASP) and infrastructure architect, today announced the launch of the Semotus OTAP Platform, an innovative application designed to facilitate the seamless integration of Semotus' wireless applications onto virtually any RIM handheld device.

The Semotus OTAP Platform provides added functionality and significant benefits and liberates Semotus applications from the constraints of wireless devices. OTAP allows the user to add or upgrade Semotus applications "over-the-air" directly onto their RIM device, providing anytime, anywhere access. OTAP eliminates the need to install applications from the RIM Cradle, thus reducing field force downtime and improving operating and customer service efficiencies. Customization of Semotus applications allows the user to download selected product components, eliminating the need to install and re-install the entire application at each upgrade.

The Semotus OTAP Platform features additional innovative qualities including data encryption, advanced, icon-driven GUI interface, byte-code interpreter, data compression, support for graphics and charting and an individual Inbox for Semotus application messages and alerts.

Key to any enterprise application is the question of security. Semotus' OTAP Platform features secure login with username and password that protects applications and critical data from unauthorized access. An optional level of encryption from Certicom ensures the security of all data transmissions loaded through OTAP.

The advanced GUI interface supports graphics and charting, allowing quality viewing of graphics on RIM devices. Data compression reduces the size of the data packets sent over the air, consequently reducing airtime charge for clients.

"In an increasingly global mobile workforce, it is quintessential for users to seek the most efficient and accessible software solutions while maintaining secure and reliable access to time critical data," said Valerie Goodwin, VP, Marketing Division. "The Semotus OTAP Platform maximizes the limited memory inherent in wireless handheld devices, liberating users from their desktops and reducing field-force downtime."

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