Ericsson and XIRING in license agreement for m-commerce technology

Ericsson has signed an agreement to license its technology for smart card transactions over the Mobile Internet to XIRING, a company specialized in the design and marketing of personal smart card readers and secure transaction solutions for consumers.

Under the terms of this agreement, XIRING receives exclusive rights to further develop the Ericsson Wireless Wallet technology platform, which is based on widely accepted standards, such as Bluetooth. The technology will be incorporated into XIRING future product offers.

XIRING, headquartered in Sèvres, France, is an affiliate of Schlumberger, which holds a leadership position on the worldwide smart card market. The solutions meet the needs for authentication, digital signature and secure payment on the Internet.

"Ericsson has proved the viability of the concept of a Wireless Wallet," says Bo Bergström, Executive Vice President of Ericsson's GSM/TDMA/EDGE mobile systems unit. "We are pleased to be partnering with XIRING, which we consider as the best partner to develop the use of this technology and bring to market volume commercial products for secure m-commerce."

"XIRING and Ericsson share the same vision of a wireless communication enabled future," says Georges Liberman, CEO of XIRING. "This agreement positions XIRING as a key player for secure m-commerce over the Mobile Internet."

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