GoAmerica Announces Enhancements to Go.Web Technology and Services

GoAmerica, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOAM), a leading nationwide wireless data and Internet solutions provider, today announced enhancements to its Go.Web(TM) technology with new features that take advantage of emerging standards, such as push alerts, and will support next generation 2.5G networks.

The enhanced GoAmerica Developer Zone, available at www.goamerica.net/partners/developers, offers key software developers dedicated resources that provide wireless access to their vital applications. For the first time the Go.Web Application Programming Interface (API) is generally available, allowing interface between client applications and GoAmerica's Go.Web transport layer.

Key features of Go.Web and the Developer Zone are listed below.

Go.Web 6.2

-- WML support - Go.Web 6.2 will provide a single interface for users to access more Web sites, offering full support of WML, along with its existing support of HTML.

-- Push Alerts - WAP Push 1.2 compliant alerts can be received.

Developers will be able to set up applications that send alerts to users informing them of a change in schedule, a new appointment or detailed customer contact information.

-- Go.Web Queue-Manager - Go.Web Queue-Manager enables applications to be used even when the user finds themselves outside of a coverage area. Queue-Manager will queue http requests and submit them when the user is back in coverage.

-- Open e-mail URL - Links sent in e-mail messages can be opened via the Go.Web Browser.

-- Enhanced Navigation - Users will be able to easily open URLs via the Go.Web pull-down menu. This feature, coupled with a new history function, offers enhanced Web navigation.

Go.Web 6.2 for the RIM Wireless Handheld(TM) is expected to be available early in the fourth quarter 2001. Go.Web 6.0 for the Palm OS is expected to be available next month.

The Go.Web 6.0 version for Palm OS has all the standard features of Go.Web 6.0 including MobileClips(TM), enhanced personalization, navigation, formatting and bookmarking options, as well as complete WML support. Additionally, Go.Web 6.0 for Palm comes bundled with Go.Messenger(TM) for Palm, an instant-messaging client for the Palm OS that runs on the Go.Web network.

"We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our technology to ensure we are delivering a truly useful wireless solution to our customers and partners," said Joe Weglein, product manager at GoAmerica. "Through these Go.Web offerings, we are reinforcing our commitment to the mobile professional, allowing them to maximize productivity, improve customer service and streamline processes while in the field."

Developer Zone

-- The Go.Web Application Programming Interface (API) library and files: Provides tools for those developing client applications; the library and files provide an interface between the application and the Go.Web transport layer. (Note: this API is currently available for RIM Wireless Handhelds).

-- The Go.Web Style Guide: Offers detailed guidelines for developers, allowing them to achieve an optimized view of their applications on various device platforms including RIM Wireless Handhelds(TM), Palm OS, Windows CE, Pocket PC and laptops running Microsoft Windows(R).

-- The Go.Web/RIM Simulator: Allows users to view and test applications and content for RIM Wireless Handhelds.

-- Go.Web Developers Discussion Group: A forum where Go.Web wireless developers can collaborate on their software applications and discuss the technology's capabilities.

"Through the GoAmerica developer program we were able to expand our revenue opportunities by creating additional products," said Jon Oakes, CEO of ThinAirApps, Inc. "We were able to quickly and easily wirelessly enable our Identicon DB application using the Go.Web API."

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