IBM and GoAmerica Team to Provide Wireless Data Solutions to GE Power Systems

GE to Incorporate Unique Mobile Office Solution Into Its Business Operations

GoAmerica, Inc. (Nasdaq:GOAM), a leading nationwide wireless data solutions provider, today announced it is teaming with IBM to deliver wireless data solutions to GE Power Systems, allowing GE Power Systems employees to securely and effectively conduct business while away from the office.

IBM Global Services and GoAmerica will develop and customize a GE Power Systems portal, giving them virtually real-time wireless access to key enterprise applications, communications tools, e-mail and the Internet in a mobile environment. By adopting a wireless data solution, GE Power Systems empowers its mobile employees to remain productive and responsive to their customers' needs while in the field.

With IDC forecasting the number of mobile professionals to increase to more than 8 million by 2004, the need for secure, reliable and customizable workforce tools is growing dramatically. The collaboration between GoAmerica and IBM is a strong model for meeting the needs of growing enterprises looking to mobilize their business operations.

"GE Power Systems recognizes that wireless mobility benefits our customers by providing point-of-service applications," said Michael House, e-Technology Program Manager of GE Power Systems. "Immediate access to information via wireless communication also fits well with the GE digitization initiative by enhancing end user productivity. The IBM/GoAmerica solution offers pervasive information access by leveraging existing technology investments."

"We are thrilled to have been selected by GE Power Systems and IBM to develop a unique wireless solution that allows GE Power Systems, one of the world's leading companies, to fully realize the power of wireless data," said Aaron Dobrinsky, chairman and CEO, GoAmerica, Inc. "IBM has an unmatched reputation in working with enterprises to help them implement strategic mobile dimensions, and we're pleased that GoAmerica's solutions, including Mobile Office*, will now support their efforts to create competitive advantages for GE."

"The mission of our wireless e-business services is to enable enterprises to extend their existing business infrastructure to their mobile device of choice," said Dean Douglas, general manager of wireless services, IBM Global Services. "GoAmerica's secure and flexible wireless business solutions complement our extensive wireless services portfolio, and we look forward to working together to bring innovation to GE Power Systems."

GoAmerica's solutions simplify the wireless environment for the enterprise by providing secure access to e-mail, calendar, intranets, the Internet as well as vital business tools include including customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and sales force automation (SFA) applications and data. Additionally, GoAmerica's Mobile Office includes cutting-edge wireless technology, putting document automation, e-mail attachment management, corporate instant messaging and customization at the fingertips of mobile professionals nationwide. Go.Web(tm), GoAmerica's proprietary technology, serves as the foundation for Mobile Office, enabling wireless access on all major wireless data networks and on virtually any wireless device, including personal digital assistants, Handheld devices and laptop computers.

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