Intel Introduces High-speed Wireless Networkng Products Designed for the Home and Small Office

Intel(R) Corporation today announced at the Intel Developer Forum, Fall 2001, the AnyPoint(TM) Wireless II Network family of products that provide high-speed wireless network connectivity and shared Internet access for the home, home office and small office environments.

The AnyPoint Wireless II Network product family consists of a USB model, a PC card and the Intel(R) Wireless Gateway. Based on the IEEE 802.11b standard, the products provide data transfer speeds up to 11 million bits per second (Mbps), ample bandwidth for simultaneous Internet access, video streaming, MP3 sharing, photo sharing, file sharing and other demanding applications.

The AnyPoint Wireless II Network products incorporate the AnyPoint Connectivity Software Suite and are Intel's first 802.11b products specifically designed for consumer installation and ease of use. The Connectivity Suite supports file and printer sharing and includes Internet security features such as Web site filtering for parental control, integrated firewall protection, and 128-bit 802.11b Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) encryption.

The products also include the AnyPoint Connection Manager for mobile connectivity. The AnyPoint Connection Manager provides a convenient way for laptop users to switch between different 802.11b networks. Laptops equipped with the AnyPoint Connection Manager and the AnyPoint Wireless II Network PC card can surf the Web from around the home, at work or from public hotspots such as Starbucks(a), hotels and airports that offer 802.11b connectivity.(b)

The Intel Wireless Gateway combines the functionality of an access point, Internet router and firewall into a single device. It is optimized for homes and small offices sharing an Internet connection among desktop PCs, mobile PCs or handheld devices. The gateway features both Ethernet and 802.11b wireless connectivity, and includes 128-bit WEP encryption, an embedded firewall to help protect against network intrusions, and AnyPoint software to simplify installation.

The Intel Wireless Gateway expands the options for setting up a wireless network. The gateway can connect multiple PCs to a single broadband modem. The Intel Wireless Gateway can also be used as an access point for adding wireless connectivity to an existing Ethernet network. These configuration options are in addition to simply using the AnyPoint Wireless II adapters to enable a PC to serve as an Internet gateway in a PC-to-PC wireless network.

"The AnyPoint Wireless II Network products and the Wireless Gateway provide the simplest, most flexible way for non-technical consumers and small businesses to set up a wireless network and share a single Internet connection," said Barry Bonder, director of residential networking products at Intel. "These additions to Intel's extensive wireless product line allow consumers to use the same wireless networking standard at home as they use at work, and many locations in-between."

All of the products are compatible with high-speed Internet access specifications such as digital subscriber line and cable modems. The products are certified by the Wireless Interoperability Compatibility Alliance (Wi-Fi(a)) and are interoperable with other products based on IEEE 802.11b High-Rate industry standard, including the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 802.11b products that are designed for business.

A recent survey by The Yankee Group(a) indicates that half of all U.S. households with more than one PC are interested in setting up a home network. According to research by Cahners In-Stat Group(a), there will be 31 million homes in the United States with more than one PC by the end of 2003.

Pricing and Availability

The AnyPoint Wireless II Network products are now available in North America from leading retailers, e-tailers and on the Web at Suggested retail prices are $129 for the PC card and $149 for the USB model. The Intel Wireless Gateway is now available for business use and will be available for consumers in October with suggested retail pricing to be announced at a later date.

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