Intermec Sales Delivery & Merchandising Software Now Available on 700 Series Pocket PC Mobile Computer

Intermec Technologies Corp. today announced that its Sales Delivery & Merchandising (SDM) software package, the industry leader in beverage route automation with more than 15,000 installed routes, is now available on the Intermec 700 Series Pocket PC mobile computer.

SDM is the only beverage application in the industry to provide presales/delivery, route sales and extensive merchandising features in one powerful and comprehensive package. SDM continues to offer the same speed, power and flexibility as before, now with the added benefit of running on Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC operating system. In addition to running SDM, route personnel can now hot key to calendar, contacts, tasks, and other Pocket PC applications.

"SDM users can now benefit from the availability of other Pocket PC applications," said Joe Bridge, Intermec retail solutions manager. "The combination of SDM, Pocket PC and the rugged 700 Series provides a value-priced solution, with a versatile set of features and capabilities unmatched in the industry."

In addition to its Pocket PC applications, SDM provides many benefits, including wireless communications, extensive customer and product sales history, including history for an entire promotional period on one screen, and signature capture. Tailoring to both route sales and pre-sale/delivery, SDM allows for the flexibility to change core business models without needing to purchase new software, thus protecting initial investments.

SDM has been re-designed especially for the Intermec 700 Series mobile computer, a versatile, radio-enabled mobile computer tough enough to withstand daily on-the-job demands.

The 700 Series connects field and mobile workers to enterprise data via wireless wide area, local area and personal area networks. Featuring up to 64 MB of RAM and a Compact Flash Slot for additional flash memory, the user-replaceable, rechargeable lithium ion (LiON) battery offers eight to ten hours of continuous use on a single charge. Its rugged 3.5 by 7.25 by 1.5-inch case withstands multiple four-foot drops onto concrete. The 700 Series also features an open architecture design that protects the customer's investment.

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