Life's a Beach for itrezzo Execs; Employees to Work From the Beach Using New Wireless Tools

Casual Fridays just got a little more casual for the management and staff at itrezzo. The wireless tools provider plans to take work to the beach this Friday, proving the revolutionary capabilities of their new product line.

The unique Integrated Messaging System, itrezzoAgent, and itrezzo's newly introduced applet, all for the RIM BlackBerry(TM) handheld, allow subscribers to combine attachment reading, voicemail, email, fax, pager, and wireless email services into one integrated solution. Tim Koltek, itrezzo's CEO, likened the service to having "an office in your pocket," a comparison that itrezzo employees will soon demonstrate with their toes in the sand at a beach nearby their Campbell headquarters.

"You could look at it as one more reason not to go to work," Koltek said. "You have all the tools necessary to work from anywhere you want -- from home, your kid's ballgame, or even the beach. So we thought we'd prove it on Friday."

The company's newly introduced applet allows users to simply double click to open file attachments. Users can also print an attachment to a fax machine by selecting a name from the BlackBerry address book. "This is one of the many ways that the new itrezzo applet allows RIM BlackBerry users to get even more functionality out of their handheld. The applet is available free by visiting," added Koltek.

While Koltek is taking the "work from anywhere" concept to heart, itrezzo's new wireless tools are truly impressive, essentially turning a BlackBerry into a mobile office, without the ergonomic chair.

"Give itrezzo a call this Friday during work hours and don't be surprised if you can hear seagulls. And if you're in the neighborhood, bring some tanning lotion," Koltek said. "I burn easily."

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