LScan To Provide Mobile Scanning Application to Improve Pharmaceutical Sample Tracking and Inventory Management

LScan Technologies, Inc. announced today, that in partnership with InterMedia Interactive Solutions, they are completing production of SampLScan -- a mobile computing application designed to help pharmaceutical companies streamline the process of tracking drug samples in compliance with federal regulations.

SampLScan utilizes a combination of barcode scanning, Internet, and wireless technologies to offer a process that will save the industry hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Pharmaceutical sales representatives will be able to use the system to manage their individual inventory of drug samples in full compliance with federal regulations.

SampLScan records physical transactions at the field level utilizing low-cost mobile barcode scanning technology. Each time a product changes hands, the barcode on the item is scanned and the transaction is electronically recorded along with required signatures. The device can be synchronized through a wireless modem, or a secure Internet connection, to update the SampLScan online inventory system.

LScan will be offering the system as an Internet managed subscription application, which will allow pharmaceutical companies to implement the program on their own schedule with minimal cost.

"Last year, the pharmaceutical industry spent nearly $16 billion on drug marketing programs and the physical distribution of samples," said James Horan, CFO of LScan. "SampLScan will save the industry hundreds of millions of dollars by applying the latest in Internet and barcode scanning technology."

"SampLScan will provide an exciting solution for a glaring market need," states Martin Michael, President of LScan. "It will drastically improve efficiencies, save costs, track vital market data, and most importantly allow sales professionals to focus more on detail selling by eliminating a manual and time consuming paper process."

LScan has entered into distribution agreements with several device manufacturers, including Symbol Technologies, Apriva Technologies, and C Technologies to effectively deliver the SampLScan solution at multiple levels. In addition, LScan is working with leading manufacturers such as Microsoft Corporation and the Palm, Inc. to insure proper implementation regardless of operating systems.

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