MapQuest Releases New Mobile MapQuest Version 3.0 Making the Best Interactive Maps On the Web Available On Wireless PDAs

Now Consumers Can Access MapQuest Maps, Directions, and Traffic Reports Anytime, Anywhere

MapQuest Launches New Wireless Microsite to Help Consumers Connect to Mobile MapQuest Easily and Conveniently, a leading provider of wireless and online destination information and location-based services, today announced the release of Mobile MapQuest v. 3.0 for wireless handheld devices. Now, the Internet's most popular interactive maps are available to consumers anytime, anywhere on their PDAs. Additionally, MapQuest launched a new enhanced Web site designed to show consumers how to obtain the Mobile MapQuest application, as well as how to use it.

Mobile MapQuest 3.0 adds mapping to the Mobile MapQuest suite of services that are already available for wireless devices, including MapQuest's convenient and comprehensive driving directions and real-time traffic reports. More than 20 million MapQuest maps are downloaded from the Web every day, and now travelers can access the same trusted maps available at on their wireless devices; the images are simply formatted to accommodate a handheld screen size. Mobile MapQuest even offers the same ease of use in navigation with panning and zooming for PDAs.

"The added convenience and peace of mind that MapQuest maps afford are now available at your fingertips from any wireless Palm(TM)-powered handheld device," said Jim Riesenbach, Vice President and General Manager of AOL Local Products. "People want MapQuest maps and directions to be available no matter where they are. Expanding MapQuest's leading Internet brand across multiple platforms not only meets our consumers' needs, but also maintains our leading position in location-based services."

MapQuest ranks in the Top 10 download list for the Palm Web clipping applications, according to And, a recent survey by Jupiter Communications* found that "device-owning online users" request directions and traffic updates more than any other local online applications. People with PDAs can rely on Mobile MapQuest -anytime, anywhere - to make traveling easier with door-to-door driving directions, up-to-the-minute traffic information available for more than 65 major U.S. cities, and interactive mapping. Simply download "Mobile MapQuest v.3.0" online directly from

Mobile MapQuest Microsite

With the release of Mobile MapQuest v. 3.0, MapQuest also announced the launch of its enhanced wireless Web site at Just one click from the homepage, consumers can easily access information about Mobile MapQuest and the additional platforms the service can reach. Mobile MapQuest is designed to connect the consumer to trusted MapQuest services while on the go.

"One of the things MapQuest is really focused on is helping consumers understand the capabilities of PDAs, cell phones and other handheld devices. In fact, tens of thousands of consumers are already using our mobile site to stay connected," said Kathy Kinney, Director of Business Development for Mobile MapQuest. "We take all the mystery out of downloading valuable location content to wireless devices. The new mobile microsite simplifies access to MapQuest so that people can easily utilize our products and services anywhere and anytime they need them," added Kinney.

In addition to providing useful information about Mobile MapQuest's availability for particular devices, the Web site outlines how to use Mobile MapQuest -- with easy step-by-step instructions for downloading the most recent MapQuest Web clipping application to a Palm(TM)-powered PDA. The Web site contains demos, an overview of wireless devices, a FAQ section, a list of MapQuest's premier partners and much more.

"The Web site is the place to go for the latest news and information about all things wireless on MapQuest, including new product releases, like Mobile MapQuest 3.0," added Kinney. "Through the Mobile MapQuest site, we're giving people the information that will make it easier for them to plan their daily travels, holidays or business trips, as well as get the right information when they need it most - while on the move."

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