Millennial Net Releases Latest Version of Its Ultra-small, Ultra Low Power Wireless Computing Device

The i-Bean(TM) 4000 brings new functionality and lower-cost to the wireless marketplace

Millennial Net, Inc. today released the latest version of its ultra-small, ultra-low power, wireless computing device, the i-Bean(TM) 4000. With improved battery life and added functionality such as real-time positioning and two-way paging in a local network, the i-Bean 4000 is about the size of three stacked quarters and can transmit and receive data up to a range of 30 meters. The i-Bean 4000 is available now and has immediate utility in "personal area networking", wearable computing, security, equipment monitoring and other close range wireless applications in the consumer, industrial, medical and military markets.

"The i-Bean 4000 is a realization of our plans to continually bring new functionality and lower costs to the wireless computing market," said Sheng Liu, Millennial Net's Chief Operating Officer. "Our key proprietary and competitive advantages lie chiefly in the ultra-low power design of our devices, algorithms and protocols which are vital to our customer's mobile applications that rely on limited power resources in exchange for a smaller size and greater mobility. No other devices on the market can compete with Millennial Net's design in power consumption, form factor and reliability."

The i-Bean 4000's radio frequency band is selectable between 300MHz and 900MHz, with a maximum bandwidth of 115 kb/sec. It operates on a 3 VDC cell battery and draws no more than 2 mA of current with a transmission distance of up to 30 meters. For communications with a PC, cell phone or PDA, the i-Bean 4000 converts RF signals to serial RS232 format. For networking, the communications mode can be point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint. Other key features include eight channels of A/D and two channels of D/A, both with 10-bit data resolution, ten channels of digital I/O and two channels of PWM output signals.

The i-Bean 4000 is available as a development kit for OEM prototyping and includes five i-Bean 4000 transmitters/receivers, three i-Bean 4000 readers, one central base station and the accompanying software and documentation. The price for the development kit is $4,500. Millennial Net also provides for-fee development services to qualified OEM's and VAR's. All development services fees are credited against future licensing and/or royalty fees.

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