Motorola and Lincoln Create Next-Generation Telematics Systems For 2002 Lincoln Drivers

Ford Motor Company's First Digital Telematics System in North America Provides Drivers With the Latest in Technology and Convenience Motorola (NYSE: MOT), together with Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), announced today that Motorola is the exclusive provider of the new Lincoln Vehicle Communications System (VCS), an integrated communication and telematics system, available on model year 2002 Lincoln cars.

"The Motorola Timeport™ integrated hands-free phone and telematics system provides Lincoln drivers with an enhanced communications experience, typical of the luxury they expect from Lincoln," said Ray Sokola, corporate vice president and general manager for Motorola's Telematics Communications Group, a unit of the Automotive Communications and Electronic Systems (ACES) Group. "We are excited about the opportunity to work with Lincoln, as they offer the latest Motorola technology to their drivers."

Offered as an option on the 2002 Lincoln LS, Town Car and Continental models, the VCS features location-based satellite global position system (GPS) route guidance, roadside assistance, emergency assistance and automatic crash notification, all of which provide drivers with a link to information, security and peace-of-mind. The Lincoln VCS also incorporates a hands-free voice recognition system that allows drivers to use simple verbal commands for digit or pre-set name dialing, such as, "Call Bill Smith," and personalized information, both available in conjunction with Sprint PCS Voice Command.

The Motorola Timeport phone operates on the Sprint PCS nationwide network for personal hands-free calling, information and SOS calls when docked. The fully integrated, portable phone can be used both in and out of the vehicle. Once docked, the phone automatically connects with the vehicle's electronics and audio system, enabling a range of VCS services. Other integration advantages include hands-free sending and receiving of calls through the steering wheel controls or the audio system, while the integrated microphone allows for clear and easy conversation that makes it possible for drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Each of these features was designed to assist drivers in fulfilling their primary task of driving responsibly.

"Motorola's expertise, resources, and broad telematics portfolio, combined with their commitment to performance, helped us deliver the latest telematics offering to our customers," said Jamie Allison, chief program manager of Ford Motor Company's Wireless Mobility Group. "Since teaming with Motorola in 1995 to introduce the RESCU™ (Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit) system, we have continued to evolve the telematics technology to provide our drivers with peace-of-mind at the touch of a button, coupled with an integrated system for personal calling -- exactly what customers expect from Lincoln."

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