Motorola and Webhelp Deliver Access to the Entire Web Via Media-Rich Messages Sent to Palm OS Handheld Devices 

Motorola, a global leader in integrated communications solutions, has teamed up with Webhelp, a developer of technology and service offerings for online communication solutions, to offer individuals access to all information on the Web. Webhelp's mCRM Zero Latency Platform and customer support capabilities, and the Motorola iSKETCH(TM) compression technology allow for interactive, instant responses to queries made via the Palm OS device.

With Motorola's proprietary iSKETCH(TM) compression technology, users write or draw requests for information in their own handwriting directly onto their PDA screen using a stylus. Those requests are then sent as an instant message to Webhelp, where a web based support agent receives the request and responds -- sending answers to the Palm device in the form of dynamic multi- media messages. The ability to direct a question to a human researcher versus a database or traditional search engine results in one, complete answer for the user -- eliminating the need to surf the web for the information that's needed. If the user's Palm OS device can support it, iSKETCH can deliver MMS messages that combine text, hand-drawn annotation, bitmap photos, animation, and audio dictation -- allowing the user to receive his reply in whatever format best answers his question.

"Imagine having a search engine in your back pocket, with access to the entire Web's answers in real-time complete with graphics and photos versus simple text messages with attachments," said Craig Peddie, General Manager of Motorola's Lexicus division that specializes in the design and development of user interface software and input technologies for smart devices. "The solution that Motorola and Webhelp are delivering for businesses and individuals delivers the first phase of media-rich messages. It will change the way we gather and receive information on wireless devices."

The Motorola and Webhelp solution will deliver a new breed of messaging service that expands the benefits it brings to the enterprise. For example: ? technical and sales staff can receive information instantly, reducing the need for calls back to the main office; ? medical personnel can use this service for urgent off-site treatment or in-hospital care; ? and for corporate users, Webhelp hosts the solution and, if requested, provides the service, requiring no additional investment on behalf of the company in hardware or software.

Messaging services delivered by Motorola also can be enhanced and customized for carrier and enterprise needs by developers as part of Motorola's professional services offerings.

"The possibilities for this new mobile application are groundbreaking. For the first time, the entire Internet is open to your wireless device. Just think how that power can now be leveraged to facilitate mobile commerce, banking, technical support, customer service, and more," added Kerry Adler, CEO of Webhelp Inc. "The days of the struggling, remote technical support rep are gone. We have cut the wires, but continue to deliver the feature rich information that enhances productivity and effective problem resolution. Through Webhelp's Proprietary mCRM Zero Latency Platform and unique customer support capabilities, and the Motorola iSKETCH compression technology, the information you need is at your fingertips."

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