New Epson Color LCD Controller Targets Mobile Phone Market

Epson Electronics America Inc., the world's leader in color LCD controllers, today announced the S1D13708B00B embedded memory LCD controller as the newest member of its popular product line targeted for embedded and handheld markets.

The S1D13708 features a 1.8V operating voltage and a full-featured/low pin-count interface to the microprocessor, making it ideal for inclusion in an LCD module.

The S1D13708 provides a low cost, low power, single chip solution to meet the demands of embedded markets such as mobile communications devices and Palm-size PCs, where board size and battery life are major concerns. Other features include embedded display buffer, direct support for multiple CPU types, programmable resolutions and color depths, software-initiated power save mode and a 121-pin PFBGA package.

Epson has already experienced considerable success with its other color LCD controllers in this product line, securing major design wins in the color PDA market. Recognizing that the mobile phone industry is one of the fastest growing market segments with manufacturers offering more and more features already available on PDAs and other handheld devices, Epson has designed this new member of the 1370X product line to specifically target that market. Controllers from Epson provide designers the ability to push their feature set to the level of PDAs, positioning mobile phones as the next multimedia platform.

"Working directly with many of the leading LCD manufacturers has enabled us to tailor the S1D13708 to fit their specific needs," said George Lyons, director, product engineering, Epson Research and Development Inc. "This device meets the demands of the mobile markets since it uses the lowest current of any of our products, is available in our smallest package size and provides our lowest CPU pin-count. And, we offer all of these benefits while still providing a full-featured LCD controller."

"Having already secured a design win for Sony's So503i series of i-mode cellular phones in Japan, Epson anticipates successful mobile phone market penetration for the S1D13708," Lyons added.

Epson's 12 years of experience designing for this market, extensive product offering and world class customer support has given them brand name recognition as the defacto standard LCD controller in the embedded markets.

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