Nokia Makes the Wireless Internet Fashionable and Affordable with the New Nokia 3395

Nokia 3300 series debuts WAP-enabled phone for the entry-level GSM1900 market

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today announced the new Nokia 3395 wireless phone, its first entry-level WAP enabled GSM (1900Mhz) handset for the Americas market. The Nokia 3395 phone includes all of the personalization features of the highly-featured and affordably priced Nokia 3300 Series wireless phones, and adds a mobile Internet browser, new arcade-style games and a higher capacity battery for extended talk, data and standby times in a compact 4.7 ounce package. Shipments are expected to begin during the third quarter of this year.

Incorporating a WAP 1.1 browser, the Nokia 3395 can receive content from 'push' services, allowing users to sign up for services that, upon request, will automatically send customer-defined information to their handset, further customizing the users wireless experience.

"The Nokia 3395 allows a whole new segment of wireless users to experience the freedom that the wireless Internet offers," said Pekka Vartiainen, senior vice president of sales for Nokia. "The wireless Internet is not just about business anymore. Shopping, travel services and event information accessed via the wireless Internet lets people easily coordinate their busy social lives."

Bumper, a new arcade-style pinball game, debuts in the Americas market on the new Nokia 3395. Bumper is the fifth game on the Nokia 3395. Snake II, Pairs II, Bantumi, and Space Impact - all of which use the phone's internal vibrating feature to add 'vibra-shock' tactile feedback to improve the game playing experience - are also included on the Nokia 3395. By combining wireless Internet access and games on the Nokia 3395, users can download new missions for Space Impact, new mazes for Snake II, and new tables for Bumper, constantly offering players new gaming challenges.

The Nokia 3395 phone also includes a new 900mAh high-capacity battery so users can enjoy all of the new features for extended periods of time. The new battery provides users up to 3 hours and 45 minutes of talk time or up to seven and a half days of standby time.

Features of the Nokia 3395 phone include: - WAP 1.1 wireless Internet browser for mobile access to Internet content - Predictive text input for fast and easy mobile messaging - Exceptional performance times - up to 7.5 days standby or 3 hours 45 minutes of talk time with the standard battery - Internal vibrating alert for discreet calls and improved game play - Capacity for up to 50 ring tones - including 20 downloadable ring tone slots - allowing for rings to fit any occasion - Animated screen savers and built-in ring tone composer for fun, expressive personalization - Voice dialing for easy, hands free calling - Calendar with reminder notes for easy time management - Full line of Nokia Original Accessories to fit any lifestyle

Note: Features and performance are dependent on network configuration.

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