Nokia signs contract with J-PHONE GROUP for 3G WCDMA network in Japan

Nokia will now supply mobile-packet switching system and radio-access network (RAN) to J-PHONE GROUP's 3G WCDMA network

Nokia has signed a contract with J-PHONE GROUP for J-PHONE's 3G WCDMA network deployment. This contract provides Nokia with additional business cooperation with J-PHONE GROUP, positioning Nokia as one of the major infrastructure vendors in the Japanese 3G market.

"We have studied Nokia's capabilities and market record in end-to-end cellular network solutions, in both GSM and 3G systems," said Koichi Sakata, president, J-PHONE COMMUNICATIONS. "We believe that Nokia's leading-edge technology and open architecture - together with J-PHONE's expertise and innovativeness as a network operator and service provider - will form a winning combination in the upcoming 3G mobile era. We are looking forward to extending our partnership with Nokia."

Nokia had previously been awarded an agreement for the supply of the radio-access network for regions covering J-PHONE East and J-PHONE West. This is expanded under the new contract, and in addition Nokia will now supply the first phase of the mobile-packet switching system to J-PHONE Central and J-PHONE West. In addition to equipment expansion, Nokia was awarded a contract for integration and optimisation services.

"We are extremely pleased to expand our business with J-PHONE already in the initial stage of 3G network implementation," said Heikki Kasko, president of Nokia Japan. "We are also very confident of the capability and competitiveness of our 3G radio-access and core network technology, which J-PHONE selected for their major markets in a highly competitive situation. Nokia is working very closely with J-PHONE to make its 3G network and services a big success in Japan."

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